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Knowing Edmund Tan: The Enabler of Innovation and Growth

Image of Edmund Tan looking to the side in a photoshoot
Edmund Tan, CEO of Hanson Global Freight Sdn. Bhd.

His Story

Enlightened with passion and valuable insight, Edmund Tan remains steadfast in his role to advance the traditional industry of freight forwarding as Hanson Global Freight’s CEO. Hanson Global Freight has established itself as a reputable total logistics service company that specialises in all aspects related to freight-forwarding routes to support Malaysian businesses in the industry while assisting them as a competitive platform to the international realm.

Having been involved in the logistics industry for a decade, Edmund made it his mission to introduce innovative technological aspects for the logistics services in the Malaysian port industry. With Hanson Global Freight being founded in October 2018, Edmund has expanded into a wondrous workforce from 4 to 70 employees, all brimming with vigour and expertise that one would expect from an established global logistics specialist company.

With a vision to stand as a logistics platform that is highly sought after by young talents from all backgrounds and by the industry, Edmund believes in making a lasting impression not just for his clients, but also for his own team at Hanson Global Freight. In order to nurture growth within the people who hold faith in his vision, Edmund navigates his decisions by understanding that fame and fortune are not the denominators that will be taken away in the long-run, but rather it will be under the impact he leaves behind of being remembered by others when they see the help extended towards them.

Hanson Global Freight’s Success

Group photo of Hanson Global Freight's annual company dinner
Hanson Global Freight’s Celebratory Annual Company Dinner Photo

Hanson Global Freight’s holds pride in consistency and accomplishment, showcased by winning the 2020 SME 100 Awards for Fast Moving Companies not long after their incorporation two years ago, followed by a year-on-year revenue increase from RM 25.0 million, RM 43.0 million, and RM 60.0 million respectively during the financial years of FY2020, FY2021, and FY2022. 

With their pattern of financial turnover successes over the consecutive years, Hanson Global Freight added on to their achievements by obtaining the Super Golden Bull Category in the Golden Bull Award 2023, uplifting their company to newer heights. In light of this, Edmund was personally recognised for his achievements as one of the recorded figures in BritishPedia’s prominent publishments of “Successful People in Malaysia.” 

Hanson Global Freight organising a charity fund for the Klang Ekliptik Children's Center
Hanson Global Freight’s Charity Fund at the Klang Ekliptik Children’s Center

All of Edmund’s efforts can be described as an explosive breath of fresh air as he upholds his noble values with his investments as well as his decisions to give back to his team and the community. From adhering to the UN Global Compact to provide necessities to charities for individuals that need accommodations, to sponsoring Malaysians athletes and teams to encourage their growth for the pride of the country out of his love for sports – such as his affiliation as a primary sponsor of promising Malaysian football teams like KD Rover FC – Edmund shines with his significant contributions to Malaysia, the businesses in his industry, and the community surrounding him.

Group photo of Edmund Tan holding a trophy with the sports team he has sponsored in the ZS League
Edmund Tan supporting and sponsoring a sports team at the ZS League Season 3 2023

Hanson Global Freight makes no hesitation to immerse themselves in the values of being supportive and customer-oriented in their work, showcasing their full commitment to providing solutions for every person’s problems while forming lasting relationships. With plans to gather even more prominent SME logistics companies onto the Hanson Platform, Hanson Global Freight is fully prepared to hold the responsibility of being a platform built on mutual trust and professionalism. With their reputable expertise and success stories on their records, many individuals and companies are more willing to join together with Hanson Global Freight’s platform to develop together into greater opportunities for the industry and the world. 

A noteworthy example of Hanson Global Freight’s successful strategic partnerships involves the total logistics company, Mayglobe, and through their signed partnership under a memorandum of understanding, they began their work together to elevate the future of one-stop logistics by providing each other with services and assets to efficiently boost each other’s developments and growths.

Group photo of Hanson Global Freight and Mayglobe at their Signatory of Memorandum of Understanding
Hanson Global Freight and Mayglobe’s attendance at their Signatory of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) event

Edmund’s Ambitions and Its Manifestations in Hanson Global Freight

Equipped with a win-win philosophy, Hanson Global Freight holds pride in being able to deliver desired results for all clients where they give more in order to earn more in return. Edmund creates growth opportunities and benefits for individuals that can truly get in touch with their potential to contribute to their sense of achievement, which also displays Edmund’s vital role in easing individuals’ unemployment statuses. He positions himself with a leadership mentality that values inaction, which doesn’t imply the choice to do nothing, but rather he assumes a role of dependability to work in the background for his team to be motivated to achieve more, and all without a need for Edmund to take the credit.

Embracing selflessness while establishing a sense of self is a value that Edmund firmly believes is the key to leading a team – and he ensures that every single decision is made with the best interests in mind for the whole of Hanson Global Freight. Edmund takes charge at the forefront by not relying on strength, but rather paying attention to the trends and its potentials for Hanson Global Freight to integrate itself into. 

Edmund plans to further advance Hanson Global Freight’s journey by leading the necessary preparations to be listed on the Singapore Catalist Board (SGX Catalist), which will undoubtedly expand every opportunity to realise his dream of becoming the first logistics company in Malaysia to successfully pass the board’s rigorous process and to finally emerge into the international scene by becoming a part of national listings. Equipped with unyielding determination, successfully achieving this objective would profoundly make Edmund the youngest listed entrepreneur in the logistics industry in Singapore. This status will raise the standards, given Edmund’s young presence in an industry with giant established competitors, and in light of his current achievements to date, Hanson Global Freight is left in reliable hands to evolve and improve beyond all expectations set.

At the core of Hanson Global Freight lies the values they operate on, where they prioritise the concepts of professional teamwork, commitment, and mutual support. There is a strong emphasis on clear and effective communication to ensure that all customer needs are met to deliver the best results in all aspects of their needs. The importance of effective communication has allowed Hanson Global Freight to liaise with freight shippers that shows great care in setting clear expectations for their performance, to establish a schedule of timely updates, and to address any concerns or questions without delay. In line with clear communication, Hanson Global Freight’s value on responsiveness is crucial to providing exceptional service for their clients by paying attention and acknowledgement to all customer inquiries, concerns, or complaints in a professional and timely manner. 

However, businesses in their respective industries will not survive without the value of accountability in any capacity, and Hanson Global Freight stands as a company that shares an unwavering commitment to ensure that any mistakes or issues that arise are treated with care and responsibility while working to provide a quick and effective resolution. 

Furthermore, the successful established client relationships they highly value are all maintained with Hanson Global Freight’s adherence to honesty, effectively gaining valuable trust and customer loyalty that will subsequently further motivate the company as a whole. But most importantly, the core value that Hanson Global Freight truly builds itself on all ties back to fulfilling customer satisfaction as a customer-oriented company, where every employee works towards providing service of the highest quality to the best of their abilities in order to ensure the happiness of their clients while upholding their satisfaction for Hanson’s performance.

Edmund Tan working at his desk while being focused on his laptop
Edmund Tan working hard at his desk with great focus

In a world of overwhelming expectations to live up to, Edmund sets his own strategy of accepting simplicity and pursuing his meaning of life to navigate the journey of an entrepreneur. By being committed to cultivating Hanson Global Freight as an excellent platform of opportunities and an aid to all in the industry, Edmund has seared his influence of always remaining steadfast and honest without a need to be at the top of the world – precisely exemplifying the true meaning on what a pioneer of success should look like.

Take away from Edmund’s life philosophy, where he believes that the true unshakeable meaning of life all comes down to ensuring that your choices will lead to a more elevated and improved sense of self compared to the previous one that existed before. The help that you extend to others will result in others extending their help to you, and your belief in others will return with them fully believing in your success.

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