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The Timeless Thinker, Lathen Loh

Jumping over obstacles, one wall at a time.

Grabbing the Bull by the Horns

Intelligibly speaking, Lathen Loh is a relentless problem-solver. Behind his polite and kind demeanour, he is a man who portrays exceptional analytical thinking in the face of adversity. He confronts his problems head-on, unafraid to take calculated risks for the benefit of his company. Hence, it is not a surprise to see him thrive at Zero Spot Laundry.


Reputed and Rapid

A prime example of Lathen’s hallmark is his creativity and shrewdness when taking charge of a problem. Lathen believes that the ideal way to solve a problem is to always start at the root. Then, by systematically planning solutions, an obstacle can be solved with the most efficient and effective method.

To complement this trait, Lathen is a swift thinker who can resolve complications instantaneously. Uncovering solutions immediately allows Lathen to prioritise other matters that require his attention. He considers time as an invaluable resource that cannot be returned. This thorough and decisive mindset has aided him in sustaining his business.


Clasping Hands Over Pointing Fingers

Lathen is also an ardent believer in the robust potential of teamwork. Oftentimes, problems occur between Lathen and his suppliers. However, instead of playing the blame game, he insists on working together and prioritising the issue at hand. This respectable mindset is the reason why his suppliers are loyal and have unwavering trust towards him.


A friend in need is a friend indeed

As a client as well as a dear friend, Lathen has always been an easy person to converse with. Even with his busy schedule, he will always make time for his friends. Therefore, I know that a person like Lathen will constantly have people to rely on in his time of need.


Low Kok Soon

Director, LS Seals Sdn Bhd

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