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Leanne Tan │ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

A firm believer that beauty breeds confidence, Leanne Tan Lai Yee is a beautician who has a one-track mind to show young, impressionable girls and women that beauty can also be your weapon for self esteem.

The eldest in the family and raised by a single parent, Leanne had to take charge at a very young age. To lessen the burden on her family, she knew she had to aim for success. With strong willpower and a hunger to succeed, Leanne started to build her path.

Using aesthetic beauty as her platform, Leanne traveled abroad to gain further knowledge and skills in the aesthetic beauty industry. With 11 years to hone her craft, she had gained much recognition with plans to create her own line of products that focuses on youth.

Leanne is a remarkable woman who always strives to improve herself further. With her positive attitude, devotion towards her team and love for knowledge, she would certainly go on to achieve impossible features.

LEA 2019 – Leanne Tan

For Leanne Tanly success does not come alone. Teamwork makes the dreamwork! ?Want to be a part of LEA? ?????: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd4keczromi–AhnbLNk-cUELFLmaLG2_MDyukQGbiAWbl1GA/viewform?fbclid=IwAR2QzD7p7cma4wCYYoagcZhV-mfvk4yhXqJuLpIelwJp8plfkG4Rj-wud70 ?? ???????? ???!

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Leadership Excellence Awards – Leanne Tan

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