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The Gamer’s Dream, Lim Keat Kuang

There's no game over, only level up.

Unshackle society’s chain

Conforming to societal norms has always been a taboo for Lim Keat Kuang. Rather, he is ingenious, finding ways for his ventures to go beyond standard practice. His success derives from his passion, intellect as well as his ability to think outside the box and overcoming obstacles in the most creative of manners. Pushing past limits and boundaries, is a mindset Keat enforces in his day-to-day life and is also his motivation behind the establishment of Geek Fam – Malaysia’s leading esports organisation.


Deeds not words

Keat leads his team with complete transparency, nurturing and guiding in order to best grow his team. This management style is his crown for success in Geek Fam and every venture he has embarked on. No stranger to the many struggles and challenges every leader has to face, Keat’s leadership has gained the trust and loyalty of his team. They believe in his goals and vision, staying loyal to him even through the toughest of times. 


Any qualms about working with Keat diminish as he proves through actions rather than words that he will work towards achieving everything he sets out to accomplish. Anyone who works with him knows well that this is his entire belief system. One which he always stays true to. This tenacity is also why clients, partners, and employees alike hold lasting relationships with Keat.


Lessons not mistakes

Many things can be learned from spending time with Keat. The most prominent one is his ability to grow through failure. Keat takes his mistakes and failures graciously. For him, as necessary as it is to draw attention to one’s victory, it is just as essential to eat the humble pie. No errors are not the power of men, but the weaknesses men use to learn and create opportunities for the future. Keat does not see failures as losses but rather sees them as lessons that help you grow.


Win as a whole

As a partner of this divergent thinker, I have come to learn and appreciate Keat’s efforts towards building a proper foundation of growth in his business. His careful thought towards the intangibles of his company as well as his desire to win not by himself but as an organisation is why I believe that Keat will thrive to the very top, unstopped.


Christopher Tock

CEO, Digitally.Asia Group

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