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The Edifier of Financial Education, Lim Sen Tian

There is no higher return than an investment in education.

Envisaging livelihood from childhood

What do you aspire to be when you grow up? Perhaps the most familiar question that often-bombarded youths in their quest for meaning in life. While many struggled for answers, Mr Lim Sen Tian, aka Tony Lim, found himself at ease in discovering what he wanted to do, even from a very young age. And that is to empower others to gain their maximum potential from financial markets.

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A pursuit for the well-rounded

One word to describe Tony? He is a man of versatility. Not only an accomplished entrepreneur, being the key driving force behind his brainchild, WCT Worldwide Training, Tony is also a regular columnist, author, investor, and speaker in financial investment and education. He is highly goal-oriented, believing firmly that hard work is the only definite way forward, even if it does not guarantee immediate success in the short term. Being a highly enthusiastic leader, he is willing to impart his knowledge to those around him, inspiring them to replicate his own formula for success.

Tony 2

No shortcuts can replace a prolific journey

All leaders have big dreams, and for Tony, he too is no exception. He emphasises how imperative it is to translate ideas and thoughts into action. After all, all talk without action means nothing to him. In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency speaks volumes. Yet, there is no shortcut in life for Tony: every success story is born out of blood, sweat, and tears. For the most fruitful achievements to materialise, having a willingness to sacrifice time is without question, as Tony sees success as a journey. This became a philosophy to him, making it a point where others could easily relate.

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The ties that bind

Working with Tony is undoubtedly a privilege, for his unconditional and unbiased love and support for everyone is indisputable. His mentorship is akin to a fertiliser that nurtures growth for the team, both in work and in life. Tony’s original intention and philosophy will remain as the guiding light for us to continue learning, practicing, and contributing to society, come what may.

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Joanne Ooi

Marketing Manager, WCT Worldwide Training PLT

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