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The Catalyst of Faith, Mohd Hafizuddin Hiew bin Abdullah

He devotes for a happier, freer life.

The price of greatness is responsibility

Accountability, to Hafiz Hiew, is the act of taking responsibility for decisions. As the CEO of his company TDC Holdings Sdn Bhd, Hafizzudin believes that the path of a true leader is making mistakes and growing from them. Entrepreneurs do not always make the right decisions, but owning up to them makes the difference.


Without labour, nothing prospers

To Hafiz, working smarter is superior to working harder. The planner inside him is thorough when implementing decisions. Every intricate decision he makes are woven into the larger scale of fate – a beacon of hope for the masses to strive for a better life.    

A glance at the prowess of Hafiz as a strategist can be seen during the pandemic. Due to his acute concerns for his customers, he can understand them, making exceptional business actions to solve critical weaknesses in the company.

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Unlike what one would think, true comprehension of one’s client is no easy feat. It requires a careful hand in planning and willingness to understand the market along with every nook and cranny of the company. For Hafiz, this is undoubtedly possible, for the dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.


A car is only as good as its components

As a team player, Hafiz believes in serving as an excellent example for his peers. He communicates company goals with employees as clearly as possible to ensure that everyone works towards the same purpose. In the eyes of Hafiz, a product can only be as good as the team behind it. So, the more knowledge he imparts, the better his team performs.


May your zealousness bring you more success

To Hafiz, who always commits to work and personal development, may your success of today grow further with every path you choose. Your vast network of colleagues, friends, and family will always be behind your every endeavour.


Siti Sabarina Binti Yusoff

Director, Asrina Legacy Sdn Bhd

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