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Muhammad Akmal Arif Shamsul Kahar │ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

Behind every successful law firm is a successful lawyer. For Akmal Shamsul Kahar & Co (ASKCO) is the founder Muhammad Akmal Arif Shamsul Kahar.

Akmal Arif is a headstrong, resilient lawyer who believes in what he fights for. He is a solicitor and advocate in teaching public legal education. An active participant in the empowerment of SMEs back in the days, he was constantly aiding those with issues regarding the law.

Consistent and dedicated to what he does, Akmal Arif strives to spread awareness in legal matters regarding the business development for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Akmal Arif is a man with many achievements under his belt, titled as a board member of Yayasan Kebajikan Amal Bakti (PERKIB) and Chairman for Koperasi Gagasan Ekonomi Melayu Berhad (KoGeM).

Akmal Arif is prepared to work full time to ensure that everyone can have access to justice.

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