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MyBinary Unity Scholarship Launched to Cultivate Professional Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

Binary University offers 100 full scholarships worth RM7.5 Million to SPM and STPM students

Puchong, Malaysia – YB Senator Saraswathy Kandasami, Deputy Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives, has officially inaugurated The MyBinary Unity Scholarship, an initiative aimed at nurturing professional entrepreneurs in Malaysia. The scholarship program, introduced by Binary University, seeks to develop a cohort of successful and well-educated entrepreneurs capable of driving job creation, innovation, and economic growth.

Under the theme “Creating Professional Entrepreneurs through The MyBinary Unity Scholarship or MyBus,” this pioneering initiative offers 100 full scholarships amounting to RM7.5 million to SPM and STPM students. Eligible applicants include SPM students with a minimum of 5 credits and STPM students with a CGPA of 2.75 or above.

Photo of MyBinary Unity Scholarship Event

In addition to these scholarships, Binary University’s Founder Chairman, Tan Sri Professor Joseph Adaikalam, announced the allocation of an additional 900 full scholarships to deserving students from vulnerable households, including the B40 group. These scholarships, in conjunction with Binary University’s 40th Anniversary in 2024, are specifically designed to support students pursuing courses in Accounting, Business, and Computer Science.

Recognising the need to accommodate students with varying academic backgrounds, Binary University has also introduced the Diploma Komputer dan Pengurusan (DKP) Program. This program, delivered entirely in Bahasa Malaysia, serves as a pathway for students to pursue their degrees in related fields.

As a pioneering institution in the field of Entrepreneurship Education, Binary University remains committed to cultivating professional entrepreneurs. The institution has partnered with the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives, allocating the 100 MyBus scholarships for students pursuing a BA (Hons) in Entrepreneurship.

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During the launch event, YB Senator Saraswathy Kandasami witnessed the signing of eight Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) between Binary University and various Business Associations and Seed Funding Entities. These collaborations play a critical role in supporting the development of professional entrepreneurs by providing startup funding, mentorship opportunities, and business networks to students enrolled in Binary University’s entrepreneurship program.

Prospective students interested in the MyBinary Unity Scholarship can submit their applications through the official Binary University website. The application period will close on 27th June 2023, and the new intake is scheduled for 12th July 2023.