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Mr Paulsible, Paul Chen Joon Ann

Make the impossible “paulsible”.

Dynamism Personified

From the catchy nickname to his aura of enthusiasm, Paul Chen Joon Ann has always embodied himself as the human dynamo. Just a quick glance at his social media accounts, and you’ll be exploded with passion and quirks. His style and swagger is his guidepost along his entrepreneurship journey, positioning him in the league of real estate elites as a board of directors’ member in The Roof Realty Sdn Bhd.

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Leaders Create Leaders

In Paul’s own words, “A company of 30 relies on relationships, a company of 300 depends on systems, but a company of 3000 is built on culture.” As a true leader instead of a boss, Paul has established a culture of leading by example. He believes that shining a path for the people under him will encourage them to learn and become leaders themselves. Eventually, constructing a team of leaders and intrapreneurs.  


Think Zealous, Think Paul

As an entrepreneur, persistence is the key to success. Complete everything set out to do, be it a simple task or a tedious long-term project, as the outcome is only certain until you finish it. For Paul, there is no such thing as quitting halfway. It is either all in or all out. His strong mentality inspires and motivates many of his peers, colleagues, and followers. Ultimately this has led to the success of his career.

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Paul’s passion stems from his drive to provide the best homes for people. For Paul, as crucial as it is to be financially well-off, it is equally important to find motivation in what you do. As Maslow’s hierarchy describes, money loses value after a certain level, and the thirst for other needs become more apparent. Therefore, Paul has always been appreciative that he can follow his dreams and make a living doing it.


“Success Thrives on Perseverance”

People succeed for a reason. Paul’s loyalty to his job has not gone on blind eyes; he has been in this industry for more than 20 years. I believe with his unyielding persistence, he will continue to thrive even higher and further than where he is now.


Dato’ Nicholas Yap

Managing Director, The Roof Realty Sdn. Bhd.

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