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The Art of Assisting Discovery, Prof Datin Paduka Setia Dato Dr Aini Ideris

We grow great by dreams, and all big men... they dream.

Educate Both Heart and Mind

This phrase is much cherished in Professor Datin Paduka Setia Dato’ Dr Aini Ideris’s heart. She believes the prosperity of any country is the youth and does all she can to provide the best aspects of teaching and learning. You won’t find any other educator as highly committed and dedicated to raising the future of the nation.



Roused to service, Dr Aini introduced the concept of “IHSAN” in the UPM community as a pillar of UPM’s excellence. She teaches the next generation’s leaders that you have to give your best in whatever you do without expecting any recognition or rewards in return. This includes the values of right action, goodness, sincerity, efficiency, integrity, strive to perfectness, high quality, and excellence. This action is Dr Aini’s purpose to push the future limits of professions and cultivate a better community. 


After Crosses and Losses

The journey to your dreams is not a smooth one, and often, you will have to pave the bricks of the path you walk. Dr Aini had come a long way, experiencing much hardship, but knows well these had made her grown humbler and wiser—a necessity to prepare and bring you a step closer to the finishing line.

Therefore, Dr Aini practices what she preaches to set an example for her people to follow and prepare them for their own journeys. She passionately performs every deed to perfection and lends a guiding hand wherever needed to make the path for her staff a little smoother.

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The hope of the future

They say any educator’s job is to teach the students to see vitality in themselves, which Dr Aini did. I would like to thank her for enriching my life with her encouragement, advice, guidance, friendship and never-ending inspiration. I love you, Professor Datin Paduka Setia!

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Professor Dr Jalila Abu

Deputy Dean cum Director University Veterinary Hospital
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia

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