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The Tycoon of Consultancy, Ruth Chai

Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.

A class of her own

Professionalism. It gets mooted around frequently, but very few understand the true meaning of this ostentatious word. One glance at Ruth is all that is required to fully understand the depth of what a professional truly is. Her drive to chase excellence in everything is unparalleled. From her communication to her mindset, Ruth has proved to be a virtuoso in getting things done.


Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)

Ruth believes that teamwork makes the dream work. Having her team believe in the same goals motivates them to fight harder, think bigger and be more engaged with work. In addition, her easy-going vibe and calm demeanour bring calmness to her fellow peers, encouraging them to be part of the conversation.


Inventiveness is a frame of mind

The beauty about Ruth is her ability to analyse a business and simplify business practices. Her mind works like clockwork, endlessly tinkering to find creative and remarkable ways to help businesses improve their processes. She has a unique way of compartmentalizing every operation and examining it intricately, leaving no left stones unturned.

Many a time, Ruth has been called upon to burn the midnight oil. She never takes a break until a complication has been resolved. To her, fatigue and exhaustion have never been an excuse. For she will go above and beyond, delivering perfection in every aspect of her career.


May you soar higher than the clouds

Ruth, it is a blessing to have met a person who is as composed and endearing as you. Your unquenchable thirst for perfection is an inspiration to all. May your chase for excellence continue to inspire and help the people you touch, achieve their dreams and goals.


Jaime Yong

Founder & Director, JY Marketing & Consulting

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