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Beholder of Many Lifetimes, Ryon Lee

Filmmaking is more than just breathing life into dreams; it's a chance to live many lifetimes.

Bubbles of Enthusiasm

Ryon Lee screams passion. His ability to motivate, his bright personality, his motivation to always look at tomorrow as a new day for opportunities. All these factors converge to suggest that Ryon is a filmmaker who loves what he does and does what he loves. His dedication is felt most apparently in his company, Lomo Pictures.

R3 LOMO Pictures Logo

Destination is the Aim

Anyone can lead, and in a team of 18, Ryon believes everyone can be a leader. Whenever tasks are delegated, he provides an equal chance for all to take the helm of that project. His teams are strongly encouraged to crank their creative minds to find and eventually create with their own styles. This free form of management has allowed his company to rise in the filming scene. 

It is not how you get there for Ryon but when you get there. As such, such unconventional and authentic managing styles have empowered the company’s staff. This causes many discoveries of new forms of creativity and potent. Thus, Ryon is about to consistently put out work that exceeds expectations, much to the satisfaction of investors.

Ryon 3

Love in All Things

What makes Ryon much beloved and followed after is his exceptional care for his people. Always a conscious presence on the well-being of others, never will he ever abandon someone in need. Regardless of going through many toils and snares, Ryon would be there with you consistently. His undying faith in his team and friends are what won the hearts of many.

Ryon 2

“Let us both reach greater heights together”

A teacher and a partner, Ryon has always been a pillar of support in growth through the arduous journey. Just as he has been there for me, I will always be there for him as he navigates his company towards greater heights in the international market. And eventually, make Lomo Pictures a household name among filmmakers internationally.


Aron Koh

Co-Founder & Executive Producer, Lomo Pictures Sdn Bhd

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