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Sam Jee │ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

An ambitious young entrepreneur who had scaled the highs of the real estate industry, Sam Jee is one of the founders and Group Managing Director of Maxxan Realty.

Before the founding of Maxxan Realty, Sam was already marking his print in the property industry. His expertise and skills had helped him climb up the corporate ladder at an astounding rate, bring about many accomplishments under his name.

The most admirable trait of this charismatic leader is his persistence and unrelenting attitude. In the face of difficulties, Sam is a man who would grit through, boosting his team’s morale with his optimism and formulated innovative ideas that exceeded the client’s expectations.

A highly spoken individual by all who had the pleasure of working with him, Sam had also shown to be team-oriented. A listener who takes his time to understand and aid his teammates, Sam is the embodiment of what a team leader should be.

A real force to be reckoned with, Sam had achieved Top IN Men Entrepreneur Award and was also listed in the top 50 real estate agents in Klang Valley on the Top Corporate Leader Magazine. He is also awarded for his remarkable leadership for closing 90% of Palm Garden Condominium in Klang, the Best Agency Award by Acmar International.

An inspiring entrepreneur with a clear visionary for success, Sam is a leader who is headed for greatness.

LEA 2019 – Sam Jee

Congratulations Sam Jee for being the Community Leader of the Year! A man who always strive to reach higher heights, he affirms to never falter. ? Want to be a part of LEA? ?????:–AhnbLNk-cUELFLmaLG2_MDyukQGbiAWbl1GA/viewform ?? ???????? ???!

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