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The Wellness Man, Saswin Nair V Suresh

Your struggles should not become your identity.

Kindness is the motive

You always want to look for genuine people in life, whether you’re starting a business, a network, or friendships. Saswin Nair V Suresh is one of the sincerest and kindest people I’ve ever met. He amazes everyone he meets with his jovial demeanour while maintaining a professional appearance and manner.


Sharing experience

Saswin finds happiness in helping others. Facing some challenges along the way, he has dedicated his life to assisting others in making positive changes in their lives. His ability to empathise with others and be open-minded makes it simple for him to communicate and bring them comfort. 

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Believing that no one should be judged for their past mistakes, Saswin has created a community at Shine Wave Retreat that strives to assist people in learning from their mistakes. His ability to read people is astounding and nearly magical. With just one look, he could detect your feelings and determine the best way of approach.

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Out of difficulties grow miracles

Dealing with people who are going through a difficult time in their lives is tricky. Saswin, on the other hand, has vowed to never abandon his mission of helping them. He either works twice as hard or comes up with new approaches. He emerges stronger and triumphantly overcomes all difficulties in his path. That is one of his most admirable qualities.


“Always remain in the pink of health”

If you do good in life, you will be rewarded with good things. Saswin’s words of encouragement helped me get through a difficult moment, and he will never know how much I appreciated his support. Having someone like him in your life is a blessing.


Raveendran Veenorth

Medical assistant, Mind Wellness Care Centre

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