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The Women’s March, Serawa Budol

Let not terror but inspiration fills you between the space of where you are and where you want to be.

A Mother to all

How does one begin to describe a genuine person? From personal connection to pure determination and confidence, Serawa Budol is deep and genuine in her care for others, a personality that packs a positive impact on everyone she meets. 

Serawa is committed to creating confident and self-reliant women entrepreneurs alongside her fellow members in the Women Entrepreneurs and Professional Association Sarawak (WEPS). She is undoubtedly a mother to all and a role model for many.

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Leading the way to success

Nowadays, anyone can take up the mantle of boss, but not everyone can be a leader. Serawa, with her high level of emotional intelligence, was able to do that by creating a positive work environment for all employees. Fostering unity and inspiration to achieve the company and personal goals is one of her many talents.

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As a successful female entrepreneurial role model in society, Serawa demonstrates that entrepreneurship is not only a high-prestige career choice but a choice to inspire many women alike. To her, a leader is only as good when they can challenge others to be the best version of themselves while retaining a comfortable relationship.

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Obstacles may arise, but it’s temporary

The most crucial difference between leader and boss is their perspective. If one falters in the face of adversity, success will not come, which Serawa does not. Determination is her core. No matter what challenges are along the way, she will overcome them. It is the power Serawa cultivates in herself to stay dedicated to the path and convictions that marches her toward her desired outcome.

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Let prosperity flow

Good tidings come to those prepared to make sacrifices for their goals and lead proper guidance to others, which Serawa duly deserves! I wish her an abundance of fortune and blessings. I believe her success story is only just the beginning, and she will continue to prosper with every leap and twirl she takes.


Chin Hui Seng

Senior Manager of Corporate and Planning, Miri Port Authority

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