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Amazing simple tips that will definitely make your property listings stand out

Time to say goodbye to your competitors and hello to more potential buyers!

Want some simple tips on how to make your property listing look more attractive?

Nowadays, with the hundreds of thousands of property listings online, it’s quite a challenge to market your listing in such a way that people will notice right away. So the question lies, how do you make your listing stand out?

Consider it as a dating website. You only have one chance to make a good impression, so you have to ensure that everything is spot on.

Here are 5 simple tips we’ve prepared just for you.

1. Take lots and lots of High-Quality photos

Everyone is looking for houses online. Therefore, it will be difficult to attract potential buyers if your listing does not catch their attention. One of the most important tips is having lots, and I mean lots of high-quality pictures. Add eye-catching photos from every angle so buyers can see your listing from several perspectives.

Remember there is no such thing as too many pictures!

High quality living room picture
High quality living room picture
Photo source: Digital Photo Mentor
High quality bathroom picture
High quality bathroom picture
Photo source: Real Homes
Real estate listing for sale
Real estate listing for sale
Photo source: Decoratorist: new modern house sale toronto mississauga 662

2. Be different, Take your photos at dusk.

Ever heard of twilight photos before? No? Well, now you do, for these are the 2nd tip to rising your property listing! Twilight photos are taken at dusk and are great at showing off your property’s exterior, particularly the lighting. The photographs also give a lovely feel, which adds to the appeal of the real estate listing, and they look extremely cool! Here’s another simple tip, take the pictures 20 minutes after sunset for the best outcome.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the difference below!

Twilight vs Midday real estate photography
Twilight vs Midday Real Estate photography
Photo source: The Digital Service

3. Honesty is Key

Buyers respect honesty, and it adds to the listing’s legitimacy. Do not exaggerate to the point that the buyer believes the house is much larger than it is. If you’re using a wide-angle lens, make sure to mention that the space may appear larger in the description. To attract more potential buyers, make sure to add a list of notable landmarks in the vicinity of the property.

Want to know what to add to the description of your listing? Take a look at the example picture below!

Property listing poster
Property listing poster

4. Add a short video

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard how amazing photography can help you sell a house. Now imagine the power of a video. Yes! A short 60-second video tour of the property with some upbeat music playing in the background is enough to give you a huge leap ahead of your competitor. Share it on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube to get the most out of your video.

Watch the video below for some quick inspiration! (PS. The shorter the video the better)

5. Keep it simple, keep it clean.

This is our last and final tip, but surely the most important one! It’s crucial to make sure the house looks clean and tidy in order for the photos to capture the genuine beauty of the property. Trust me, no buyer wants to see a messy room or cluttered house when looking at potential home listing. Keep it simple, keep it clean.

Don’t be this seller. Remember keep it simple, keep it clean!

sellers be like
Source: Funny side of Real Estate

We’ve given you the secrets to making your property listing stand out. Now go sell that house!

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