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The Seeker of True Freedom, Terence Teoh

Success comes to those who strive for it and for Terence? He gives his all.

A conscientious man

That was my first thought of Terence. We first met in 2016 at an Intro Event for Investing Course that he was hosting with his wife, Kathlyn. He gave off the vibe he was a man of diligence. He was professional and spoke with conviction and confidence in what he does. Before I knew it, I became a student of Beyond Insights (BI).

Master Trader Bootcamp 2016

Success is a Process rather than a Destination

What is so fascinating about Terence is his commitment to continuous improvement. He was never once arrogant about what he has nor did he let it stop him from going further. Even now as the world struggles amid a severe pandemic, he is still leading his company to new heights.

Terence is also an excellent team builder who personally leads by example, a forward-thinker with solid communication skills. Paired with his unwavering commitment to BI’s vision and mission, he inspired a steady growth of new talents and long-serving employees in BI.

BI team photo

His secret to success is flipping ‘ME’ to ‘WE’

Generous and warm, that is what Terence is. It is shown in every action he makes, even in the littlest of things. For example, at a group meeting with the C12 Group CEOs, Terence surprised us with two birthday cakes for the members.

This subtle, kind gesture shows his careful attention to detail which speaks volume of his high standards and commitment to doing things right. Paired with his studied approach to problem analysis and resolutions, Terence contributes just as much to be a team player.

Terence Teoh black.jpg2

May success trail his every step

A great leader but foremost a dependable and trustworthy friend, I wish Terence the utter best in both business endeavours and life. May his success be centred on the Greater Purpose we are privileged to share. Continue putting focus on building and executing good processes, great results will undoubtedly follow!


Ivan Sia

C12 Group Chair, The Encubator Sdn Bhd

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