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The ultimate guide to planning a corporate event

Planning corporate events are extremely stressful. Your attention is required in the most minute details so planning corporate events can be a daunting process. Here at DPI Media, we have deconstructed this process and filtered out our 10 step guide on making this process smooth and manageable.

1. Envisage your event

First and foremost you need to understand the purpose of the event you want to host. You can start by asking yourself what are your goals and expectations for this event. It is essential to figure out what your target audience prefers.

2. $$ Budget $$

Setting a realistic budget is another essential building bock to successfully planning a corporate event. A good rule of thumb is to know how much you plan on spending and expecting to spend 10% more!

3. Set a project timeline

Corporate events require you to stay on top of a variety of tasks. Setting a project timeline and creating an intensely detailed checklist is the key to corporate events. We recommend that the checklist has monthly checkpoints to update 12 months out from your event date.

4. Establish a target audience

This goes hand in hand when you are trying to understand your event. It is really important to cater your event to the needs and interests of your target audience.5. Select a theme and formatA format in how you present your event to your audience plays a vital role in establishing future connections with certain important members in your audience. Make sure how you present the whole event is educational and engaging.

6. Find your perfect venue

Once you have figured out your event details, this next step critical to a successful corporate event. We have found this to be a fun challenge that we love to take on. Always keep in mind what your target audience is and to scope out multiple locations just to be on the safe side.

7. Plan, plan & plan

Creating a timeline and planning the nitty-gritty details of the whole event before execution is one of the most important tasks to a successful corporate event. It is always important to keep in mind that not everything will go according to plan so expect the unexpected on the big day.

8. Promote

A good promotion strategy can make or break an event, no matter how big or small it is. Social media is such a huge platform to do your promotion and it is very cost-effective! Don’t forget to look into sponsorships as that can help you boost your fund.

9. Hello, technology!

Technology is advancing daily and as smartphones are such an inseparable part of our daily life, why not make the best use out of them. There are hundreds of apps that can help you keep on top of your event planning essentials. A quick app store search will help you find just the right one!

10. Wrap up and get your feedback

This is the time for you to evaluate your whole event and conduct a post-event debrief with your team. It is very important to gather feedback from your guests so you have the opportunity to improve in your future events.

With all that being said, this is your complete fool-proof guide to planning an amazing and successful corporate event.