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Top 10 places in Malaysia to visit for animal lovers

Visit your favourite wildlife at these 10 places!

Are you an animal enthusiast? Or a big nature lover? In that case, Malaysia is home to plenty of habitats, jungles and parks that allow you to get up close with your favourite creatures. Whether you want to swim with the fish or listen to birds chirp, these 10 destinations will satisfy the animal lover.

Mossy Forest in Cameron Highlands

A broken wooden path in the mossy forest of Cameron Highlands
Enjoy the cooling nature of the mountains
Source: Klook

Well past the famous tea plantations of Cameron Highlands is the Mossy Forest – which lies at the very top of Gunung Brinchang. Being the tallest mountain in West Malaysia, the climate is cooling and misty, making for a fun mix of fauna and flora. You will be greeted by many insects, amphibians and birds. Walk through the Mossy Forest’s trail and experience a different side of Malaysia.

Danum Valley Conservation Area

A bridge in the trees at Danum Valley
See Sabah in its true nature
Source: Danum Valley Conservation Alley via Tripadvisor

The Danum Valley Conservation Area covers a vast section of northern Borneo in Sabah. It plays a massive role in the local ecosystem. Having never been occupied by people, the untouched rainforest is home to many wildlife, including bears, orangutans, leopards, and even rare sightings of rhinos have been recorded! So, if you love being surrounded by the beauty of nature, what better place to do it than one of the world’s oldest virgin rainforests.

Talang-Satang National Park

a turtle leaving the beach into the ocean at Talang Satang island
A haven for turtle-lovers
Source: Sarawak Tourism Board

A famous diving spot for scuba divers worldwide, Talang-Satang is a marine national park that hosts the first dive spot in Sarawak to protect its wildlife and their habitats. Consisting of four islands off the coast of Sarawak, they are commonly known as the Turtle Islands, as the majority of all turtle landings in the state are from these islands due to their shallow reef areas and variety of corals. Diving here is a dream come true as you will be greeted by an array of aquatic life and an untouched seabed.

Zoo Negara

A family enjoying their day at Zoo Negara
The nation’s staple animal centre!
Source: Zoo Negara via Jom Jalan

From 1963 until now, the National Zoo of Malaysia has been our go-to for watching wildlife. Zoo Negara has over 400 animals for visitors to see and for children to learn. With all kinds of reptiles, fish, mammals and birds, you will learn about all kinds of life. The zoo spans over 110 acres of land and, besides animals, also showcases a variety of wild plantlife. Zoo Negara is also dedicated to preserving endangered species such as Malaysian tigers, tapirs and the only two giant pandas you can find in Malaysia.

Kinabalu National Park

A scenic view of Mount Kinabalu
Take some pictures of unique species that live at the foot of the mountain!
Source: Murphy Ng via Sabah Tourism Board

Kinabalu Park is a World Heritage Site protected for preservation and covers 754 square kilometres! The park’s main attraction is the ever-popular Mount Kinabalu, one of the tallest mountains in the world at over 4,000 metres. The foot of the mountain is home to many species of animals and around 5,000 species of plants. With weasels, orangutans, leopards and mountain eagles, Kinabalu National Park will keep you busy with its vast wildlife.

Farm in the City

A bunch of visitors petting the Alpacas in Farm in the City in Bentong
Pet all of your favourite animals!
Source: Klook

Regular zoos are a great place to see animals up close and learn about them with your own eyes; a farm in the city takes it up a notch by freeing animals of their enclosures and letting them roam freely. Situated in Seri Kembangan, get up close and personal with your favourite wildlife with their petting zoo. From cute rabbits and guinea pigs to more giant animals like ponies and alpacas, Farm in the City lets you get closer to nature than ever!

Aquaria KLCC

The infamous tunnel at aquaria KLCC with a mother and son inside
Take a journey under the sea!
Source: Klook

Underneath Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) is a state-of-the-art aquarium with a wide array of sea life in beautifully constructed aquariums. With marine life from all over the world, the guided tours and feeding shows are great for learning more about the fish and other species. One of the biggest attractions at Aquaria KLCC is the underwater tunnel that goes on for 90 metres, giving you a 360-degree view of the aquarium.

Crocodile Adventureland

A huge statue of a croc at Crocodile Adventureland in Langkawi
Have an up-close look at these pre-historic looking beast!
Source: Klook

If you have a soft spot for the vast, sharp-toothed reptile, you will have a blast at the Crocodile Adventureland in Langkawi. The park covers 20 acres of land and is filled to the brim with different species of crocodiles. Come face-to-face with some of the giant crocodiles that call Malaysia their home as the park allows visitors to feed the younger habitants and watch some crocodiles perform stunts. Learn more about the dangerous reptiles in a safe environment at Crocodile Adventureland.

Fangs by Dekori

A father and daughter having a look at some of the insects at Fangs by Dekori
This cafe has some cool creepy crawlies!
Source: Moganraj Villavan via Free Malaysia Today

The last thing you expected was a cafe to end up on this list, but Fangs is not your typical cafe. Located in Subang, Fangs serves a variety of deliciously sweet desserts and drinks while also letting you play with their group of in-house reptiles that wander around the cafe. Have some of their famous Taro balls while petting their bearded dragons or take hundreds of pictures of their tarantulas – Fangs add a cool twist to the cafe scene in Malaysia.

KL Bird Park

A peacock strutting its feathers at KL Bird Park
A glorious place for bird watching
Source: KL Bird Park via Tripadvisor

Calling all birdwatchers! KL Bird Park is home to over 3,000 birds and spans over 21 acres in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. The park features many sections inside that are dedicated to different bird species, such as Hornbill Par and Bul Bul Land. Built inside a rainforest, you will be surrounded by calm rivers, lust trees and canopies while birds will freely fly around. So get a pair of binoculars and come to KL Bird Park!

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So, if you love animals, Malaysia is home to many sanctuaries and parks that fight to preserve nature and natural habitats; the zoos are also helping to prevent the extinction of endangered species. So whether you dream of watching Turtles hatching or want to play with your favourite reptile, these 10 locations will make your day as an animal lover.