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Top 10 places to live in the Klang Valley

Discover the urban dream that is the Klang Valley and find your forever home!

In the heart of Selangor, Klang Valley is a vibrant and bustling city known for its unique blend of culture, cuisine, and architecture. But with so many neighbourhoods and districts to choose from, deciding on the perfect place to call home can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a few places in the Klang Valley that stand out as ideal places to live. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 10 astonishing places to live in the Klang Valley within its many unique districts. From trendy hot spots to peaceful suburbs, here are some places that you could potentially call your next home.

Subang Jaya

subang jaya, a town with many universities and colleges
A young and thriving town that is overflowing with top educational institutes.
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While most suburban neighbourhoods could be quiet and sleepy, Subang is as lively as a town could get. With a large and growing youth population, there is an abundance of exciting places to go and visit. Being the Light Industrial hub of Klang Valley, Subang began developing in the mid-70s and does not show signs of slowing down 50 years later. 

Subang has many points of leisure for your next shopping spree from Sunway Pyramid with its never-ending variety of stores or Empire Mall with its jaw-dropping selection of restaurants, or even malls where you can do your grocery shopping like Subang Parade or Main Place. Subang is also home to some of the top private education institutes in the country such as Taylor’s University, UCSI International School and Sunway University. 

With Subang being a vibrant college town, the demand for affordable housing is soaring! Students have a plethora of well-maintained and pocket-friendly apartments to choose from, all perfectly situated near fantastic amenities. But that’s not all! Subang is the place to be for young, outgoing individuals looking to discover the trendiest dining spots in town. With such a lively atmosphere, Subang becomes an absolute gem for anyone searching for a new home or an exciting rental income opportunity!


Bangsar, a town that is known for their high end condos and amazing fine foods
The high-end city that never sleeps.
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A destination for those craving a lavish lifestyle, Bangsar is filled with luxurious apartments and condominiums that are pure eye candy with its innovative architecture designing, with shopping malls filled with high-end brands and fancy eateries such as Bangsar Village or Bangsar Shopping Centre as well as rows of bungalows that have turned into stores that sell anything from clothing, bikes, and furniture. 

Originally known for its rubber plantations, it has since grown into a city that never sleeps and is the go-to place for the nightlife scene. Packed with bars and other fun late-night spots to go when the sun goes down, it’s no wonder this place has become the hotspot to meet new and old friends!

Whether it’s to enjoy the nightlife, cop that latest designer launch or dine the finest cuisine—Bangsar is the city for you!

Petaling Jaya

Petaling Jaya neighborhood in the evening.
A shopping mall around every corner? You must be in PJ.
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Commonly known as “PJ” for short, Petaling Jaya is a huge district in Klang Valley filled with numerous sub-districts that have their own unique touch; the most popular being SS2. A commercial district that never slows down and is filled with thriving suburbs and many high-rise apartments and condominiums in the area, you will find just about anything you want here.

PJ is also home to many, many malls. Some of the notable malls are 1 Utama, The Curve, IKEA Damansara, Paradigm Mall and Tropicana Gardens Mall where you can find almost everything you need; be it designer clothing or sportswear. If you prefer convenience, there are even smaller neighbourhood malls around the corner. Places like Starling Mall, 3D Damansara, Atria Shopping Gallery and Jaya Shopping Centre are great for a quick in-and-out.

With all the options of leisure and many places to eat, PJ is a shopaholic’s dream come true. With this many malls and shopping districts to choose from, there will always be something new and trendy to discover.


LDP Highway in Puchong in between Setiawalk and the LRT Station.
In the heart of Klang Valley, you are always a short trip away.
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Puchong has a residential and commercial market growing at an exponential rate, this brings a lot of interest from property developers for new projects which will allow more people to move in and enjoy the benefits and joy that this district has to offer

Residences commuting to other parts of the Klang Valley will never have a problem due to Puchong’s strategic location. Places like Subang Jaya, Bukit Jalil and Sri Petaling are just a short drive away while Seri Kembangan and Cyberjaya aren’t too far off. Want to go on that vacation to an exotic island? A drive to KLIA takes only about 30 minutes! 

As well as being conveniently placed near other districts in the Klang Valley, there is good access to public transport with the LRT and MRT Line. Housing is reasonably priced with a good variety of landed and high-rise properties available to accompany your taste. Puchong is also known for some mouth-watering dishes that are fit for any feast, with Dim-sum and Lok-Lok to name a few. So, whether you are visiting family in Petaling Jaya, going to school in Subang Jaya or working in Damansara, you are never out of reach when you live here.

Bukit Jalil

Bukit Jalil Skyline with Bukit Jalil National Stadium as well as other neighbour stadiums like Axiata Arena
The active city of Bukit Jalil never stops moving, can you keep up?
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Just like its neighbouring towns, Bukit Jalil has loads to offer. With restaurants and eateries located throughout, finding a place to eat will always be easy. Do you like going to concerts? Well, Bukit Jalil is home to Malaysia’s national stadium. Many top performers have performed here, such as Ed Sheeran, Jay Chou and Blackpink. 

However, this does not mean concerts are what makes Bukit Jalil stand out from the rest. Bukit Jalil’s latest sports attraction “KL Sports City”, is the biggest sports complex in Malaysia. The City is equipped with 4 stadiums, sports schools and a few recreational parks in the area. The family park and golf course will be a wonderful place for your loved ones.

A community that excels in sports and fitness, Bukit Jalil offers the opportunity to a healthier lifestyle for everyone to enjoy!


Mosque located above a lake at Putrajaya
The mosque-filled metropolis that gets more beautiful with every building.
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A modern metropolis that looks like it’s from the future but still manages to showcase the beautiful tropical feel of Malaysia, Putrajaya ultimately comes from the Sanskrit term “Putra” which means prince and “Jaya” which means success. With its beautiful lakes and historical architecture that pay homage to its Islamic culture, those who reside in Putrajaya get to experience the best of nature and architectural wonders here. 

As a city that cares about the environment, cycling lanes and segway services are incorporated throughout the city, and since the introduction of the new MRT line, it is even easier to get around without a car. What about your shopping needs? Fear not, Putrajaya just so happens to be home to the second biggest mall in the world! IOI City Mall has a gross leasable area of a whopping 821,000 square metres, which means that you could get lost in the choices you have for shopping and leisure.

With its meticulously designed parks and Mosques that will leave you in awe, Putrajaya is the living embodiment of a beautiful oasis. If you enjoy gorgeous scenery with a skyline of majestic architecture, what is stopping you from living in this wonderous utopia?

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

The TTDI night skyline, where food is served in abundance
A foodie’s haven, surrender your waistline in TTDI.
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A community where live, work and play come together seamlessly, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, or TTDI for short, is located right next to Petaling Jaya and is not far off from Kuala Lumpur. By being so close to the capital, a lot of people choose to live here for a short commute to work.

TTDI is a paradise for foodies with restaurants that serve any food you can think of, to coffee shops that may make you think you are in Italy. TTDI is a haven for foodies as they really have everything! If you want smash burgers, satay or even the finest of hotspot restaurants, you can find it all here. There ar/ie a great variety of sub-districts within TTDI, such as Damansara Heights and Bandar Utama.

With such a vast variety of sub-districts, what comes with it is a huge selection of food of different price ranges and cuisine styles. The crunchiest of croissants or the blissful delight of icy desserts, you will find it all in TTDI.

Mont Kiara

Skyline of Mont Kiara, Malaysia's most sought address
Where cultures from all around the world collide.
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Just like Bangsar, Mont Kiara is a luxurious community that consists mostly of expatriates. Filled with condominiums that make you feel like you are away on an exotic island, the resort-like ambience will make you forget that you are in Malaysia!

Mont Kiara is undoubtedly one of the top choices for expatriates, thanks to its abundance of international schools like Mont Kiara International School and Gardens International School. This diverse educational environment offers an incredible opportunity for kids to learn and embrace various cultures, all under the guidance of exceptional teachers. Moreover, the thriving expatriate community in Mont Kiara creates a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for newcomers, making the transition to Malaysia for work and settlement a breeze!

The businesses here are catered for the expatriates. Be it in healthcare, clothing stores or restaurants, there is nothing Mont Kiara lacks. To live in the peak of luxury might be a significant investment, but it guarantees a better quality of life with great amenities and a safe environment for your family.


A shot of the Gardens mall and Mid Valley in Seputeh, surrounded by bustling highways
You might as well just call it a portal, cause you can go anywhere.
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Nested close to the city yet perfectly serene, Seputeh is a cosy haven for retirees seeking tranquillity. With a tight-knitted community spirit, these older neighbourhoods radiate a uniquely homely charm that modern homes lack. Furthermore, you’ll find yourself a stone-throw away from hotspots like Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens—making Seputeh the ideal retirement destination.

And for the days where you seek some excitement? Just a short journey away from KL Sentral, Seputeh has access to all the public transport you need to get across Selangor, let alone the Klang Valley. You can take a bus to the Genting Highlands where you can enjoy the cool weather, travel around on the brand new MRT Putrajaya line or even take the ETS to Ipoh if you want to experience the countryside.

Not having transport should not limit your travels to experience some of the local wonders. In Seputeh, the choices of destinations are endless! With an overflowing variety of transport at your disposal, where do you want to go next?

Desa Park City

A lake in Desa ParkCity, developed by ParkCity Holdings
A community so whole and safe that you’ll never want to leave.
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Developed by ParkCity Holdings, Desa ParkCity is a massive township that spans over 400 acres! A self-sustainable town that has everything you need without having to leave. You’ll find schools and clinics for necessities. On the other hand, there are spots for activities like a designated clubhouse and a sports hall while malls like the Waterfront and Plaza Arkadia fill your shopping needs.

An award-winning development, Desa ParkCity boasts many lakes and is landscaped to perfection. The community is also known for its strict security and safety measures which result in safe surroundings. 

With the town’s state-of-the-art security, your mind will be at ease knowing that your family is safe. So, if you are looking for a neighbourhood to call your next home?  Be sure to check out Desa ParkCity.

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So, if you are scratching your head about where to live, drop your worries as Klang Valley has many amazing places to offer, even the ones outside of this list. There is always something for everyone and there is definitely a suitable home for you.