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Top 10 Startups that will take over Malaysia

Let’s take a look at the top 10 startups in Malaysia that are making statements with groundbreaking ideas and innovations

With the hustle and bustle of Malaysia, new companies are joining the economy every day in almost every industry you can name. With so many new enterprises popping up, it may be hard to keep track of those that are making serious progress as Malaysians are no strangers when it comes to innovation and raising the bar. So, let’s take a look at the emerging startups Malaysia has produced that could blow you away.

Pop Meals

Pop Meals branch located outdoors
What dish from Pop Meals will you eat today?
Source: Pop Meals

Founded in 2015 by Jonathan Weins, Jessica Li and Christian Edelmann, Pop Meals is a restaurant chain that takes it up a notch. The café operates on an App allowing users to customise their order every step of the way. After rebranding from a different brand named “DahMakan”, their new identity was not a simple name change, they changed how the brand operated and added new, fun and delicious recipes.

Pop Meals now has around 50 outlets in Malaysia and plans to open more. Before the rebranding, the founders felt that the company did not embody the vision of their dream restaurant, one that seamlessly blends technology with delicious bites. However, they have hit the ground running with their new physical outlets. With new food choices and an updated app that informs you about the most popular meals, they are on the rise. You can be sure to encounter a Pop Meals outlet wherever you go soon!


The founders of Gurulab, Kai Song and Vicky Tan
Children should not have to miss out on education due to location.
Source: Gurulab

With many children facing limitations in accessing their studies due to their locations and the pandemic’s impact, online learning has become increasingly important. Gurulab, founded by Kai Song and Vicky Tan in 2021, has a goal of personalising English learning for students all across Malaysia. Going beyond a regular virtual classroom, Gurulab uses data analytics to track its students’ progress and bring out the best in them.

Each student is uniquely assessed according to their current level of English proficiency and maturity before being assigned to an appropriate class. Students are then regularly monitored by their tutors to provide them with a tailored experience based on their progress. Gurulab is rapidly expanding by the minute, with new technology being incorporated into their classes and more students joining every day.


The founders and employees of Paywatch
Changing the quality of life for employees everywhere.
Source: Paywatch

Paywatch Global is a financial startup founded in 2018. The company is devoted to creating a platform where employees from all over Malaysia can access their salary before payday. Paywatch has gained recognition from top banks in Asia, such as Hong Leong Bank and Hana Bank from South Korea, as well as other financial institutes.

What Paywatch’s model does is help employees gain a better hold of their financial security. Having raised almost RM22 million in seed funding, the financial startup currently operates not only in Malaysia but also in Hong Kong and South Korea, with plans to expand into other countries like the Philippines and Indonesia. Their concept of a flexible payroll system has not only helped companies attract more talent but has also aided in retaining their employees.


A pic of the team behind MR.BUR's success
A dentist’s best friend.
Source: MR.BUR

In the dental industry, MR.BUR is a specialist when it comes to manufacturing dental burs of the highest quality. For those who are unsure, dental burs are the metal bits that dentists use to polish, cut or grind teeth. Established in 2021 and based in Penang, MR.BUR has raised almost five million dollars in funding

A leading company in its industry, MR.BUR doesn’t just operate in Malaysia; it has also made an impact in other Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand, to name a few. Setting the bar for dental burs, MR.BUR has been creating a better environment for dentists and patients alike.


A group picture of the founder and team of Lapasar
Supply chain specialists at your service.
Source: Lapasar

Initially starting as a B2B platform for their corporate clients to facilitate quick and efficient resource procurement, Lapasar used to be a middleman for companies like Petronas and Telekom Malaysia, helping them purchase operational necessities for their offices, such as computers or furniture. A couple of years later, they made the decision to expand their clientele to include SMEs.

As of right now, small and medium enterprises have become Lapasar’s main focus as they help provide a platform for these companies, the majority being restaurants looking to restock on their supplies like soft drinks and ingredients. Just like how we order products online, Lapasar has made it just as easy for small businesses to order their inventory as well.


Azran Osman-Rani with his team at Naluri
The path to a healthier life stars now.
Source: Digital News Asia

Founded by former AirAsiaX CEO, Azran Osman-Rani left his post to join the founding team of iflix, Malaysia’s competitor to Netflix. He was with them for 2 years before he left to start his latest project, Naluri. This startup offers a mental and physical health app that aims to help people develop a healthier lifestyle. With numerous professionals available on the app to assist you, there is no end to what you can improve on with Naluri’s services.

According to Azran, it is harder for people to initiate change on their own. That’s why he has assembled the best professionals in the business to be on the Naluri app, ensuring the smoothest possible behavioural change for users. The health advisors on Naluri also prioritise the user’s dietary plan, as they believe a person’s diet is crucial in preventing future illnesses. Naluri could very well represent the future of healthcare in Malaysia.

Scentses + Co

The founding sisters of Scentses+co
Because smelling good shouldn’t burn a hole in your wallet
Source: Anson Siau via FIRSTCLASSE

In 2020, two sisters had the idea to start a perfume subscription service. This concept was revolutionary, as it eliminated the need for people to buy an entire bottle of perfume or cologne just to try it. Scentses + Co became the first of its kind in Malaysia, and people quickly embraced the idea of changing their scent and fragrance every month without the typical commitment of buying full perfumes or cologne.

The sisters prioritised gaining their consumers’ trust and being consistent after establishing their company. This built their customer base rapidly and gave them the foundation they needed to kick off a unique business model like theirs. With over 200 choices of colognes and perfumes to choose from and a starting price of RM49.90 a month, step up your scent game today!


The team of Teleport working hard
A suitable name for how fast they perform.
Source: Teleport

An up-and-coming logistics company, Teleport is a venture that is under Capital A Berhad, formerly known as AirAsia Group Berhad. It aims to become the future of logistics with the goal of “next-day speed” combined with affordable prices. Having raised more than RM200 million, the freight company plans to utilise these funds to expand its port destinations and strengthen infrastructure across Southeast Asia.

Originally a B2B logistical company, Teleport recently launched “Teleport Pink”, its latest project focusing on establishing a presence in the B2C industry. This project will compete with established players like FedEx and DHL. After facing challenges during the COVID pandemic, the company is determined to make a name for themselves in the logistics industry.

Aerodyne Group

The team of Aerodyne Group and their fleet of drones
Drones aren’t just toys anymore.
Source: Aerodyne Group via Instagram

Based in Petaling Jaya, Aerodyne Group is a tech startup that specialises in using drones and artificial intelligence. Their wide fleet of drones is used for multiple purposes; one of the main services involves utilising drones and AI for inspecting tall structures that would normally require individuals to work in unsafe environments.

Aerodyne uses its drones to inspect wind turbines, oil and gas rigs, telco towers and even power grids. They perform audits and inspections of the structure using AI, while also gathering thermal data on components using thermal vision. This approach provides more information in a safer manner. According to Drone Industry Insights (DII), Aerodyne has recently made Malaysia proud by being ranked first on their list of Drone Service Providers!


Shopping with Ellegra
Level up your wardrobe in no time.
Source: Ellegra

Ellegra is a fashion startup that was formed in 2021 and is taking clothes shopping online to a whole new level. The idea for the company arose after the birth of Founder Gwen Delhumeau’s second child. She dreaded the prospect of shopping for a whole new wardrobe to fit her changed body, and traditional online shopping would meant requesting refunds if the clothes didn’t fit.

Having the idea for a subscription-based model, Gwen started Ellegra. The online boutique gives its users a personalised feel while shopping, as users complete a short quiz about their style preferences before receiving a package with five items based on their quiz choices. What happens if you don’t like what was sent? No worries—simply send back the items you are not fond of, and Ellagra will send you replacements! Who knew fashion could be this easy?

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Get ready to buckle up, because Malaysia’s startup scene is about to blast off into the future with these rockstar startups! With their mind-blowing ideas and tech wizardry, they’re turning industries upside down–and who knows, we might just be witnessing the birth of the next corporate superheroes! The buzz is real, and as these trailblazers pave their way, we can’t help but wonder: are we at the edge of something truly epic?