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Top 10 waterparks to cool off the summer heat!

Beat the heat and stay cool in the pool with these water parks!

The scorching heat in Malaysia can feel quite overwhelming, particularly for those residing right in the middle of the city. With limited access to pools, battling the relentless sun can be a challenge. However, there’s no need to worry! Malaysia boasts an array of exhilarating water parks that promise to not only beat the heat but also infuse your days with refreshing excitement.


A wide shot of the slides at LEGOLAND Malaysia's waterpark
A haven for all you LEGO fans out there!
Source: Lester Ng via Little Day Out

Nestled in Iskander Puteri, Johor Bahru, lies a unique gem, the sole LEGOLAND in all of Southeast Asia. If your childhood memories are sprinkled with the iconic building block toys, or if you still find joy in them today, this theme park is an enchanting trip down memory lane. Every structure is a testament to the beloved LEGO aesthetic, with even the hotels fashioned from “LEGO Bricks” and filled with various themes that may convince you to extend your stay. And here’s a delightful tidbit: LEGOLAND also features a dry theme park, ensuring double the excitement. Whether you’re seeking to relive cherished moments with your family or you’re an ardent LEGO enthusiast, the embrace of nostalgia at LEGOLAND is bound to leave you truly captivated.

Perdana Quay Eco Marine Park

A swimming pool with jacuzzi jets in Perdana Quay Eco Marine Park
Swim with the fishes and more!
Source: Live Life Lah

Hailing from Kedah, this water park is truly one of its kind, as it does not feature the rides or attractions that a usual park would normally have. Perdana Quay Eco Marine Park is the first interactive seawater park in Asia! This means that you can swim around and interact with all kinds of safe aquatic life. From snorkelling to scuba diving, there are many things that you can do with the fishes, including being able to catch some of them to cook for your next meal at one of the many restaurants in the park. If you find yourself in Kedah and are looking for a fun time, Perdana Quay Eco Marine Park would be more than happy to welcome you.

Lost World of Tambun

A pool at the Lost World of Tambun filled with many visitors
Wave pools and lazy rivers all day long!
Source: Lost World of Tambun via Facebook

Are you planning to go to Ipoh soon? Maybe for a visit with family or a food hunt? Well, if you’re feeling like you need a quick getaway from the heat while you’re there, then come on over to the Lost World of Tambun—a water park built around limestone hills that are around 400 million years old! With a huge variety of rides and attractions to choose from, you can easily lose yourself in the scenery and choices. Complete with restaurants that serve Ipoh’s famous dishes, this is a must-visit for you and your family. And with a hotel of the same name on the premises, there’s no reason not to stay here!

Escape Penang

Some of the world's longest slides at Escape Penang
Never ending slides and skiing in Malaysia? Count me in!
Source: Lone Pine Hotel

In Teluk Bahang, Pulau Penang, you’ll discover a water park that is about to blow your mind—Escape Penang. It truly offers an escape from your everyday life, as the park features mind-blowing attractions that Malaysia has never seen before. This park boasts the world’s longest water slide at 1,111 metres, a thrilling ride that takes 4 minutes to reach the end! Additionally, it’s home to the country’s first ski slope and a variety of other exciting slides and rides, including banana boats and mega drops. Experience an adventure like no other with Escape Penang.


The iconic pirate ship that is looking over SplashMania, Gamuda Land
There is no such thing as too many attractions here.
Source: Dennis Long via TheSmartLocal

Developed by property developers Gamuda Land, SplashMania is located in Gamuda Cove, Banting. Having opened earlier this year in February, this water park features 39 rides and attractions that will undoubtedly keep you returning for more. The huge pirate ship, visible from miles away, allows visitors to go to the top for a breathtaking view of Gamuda Cove. If some of the rides prove to be too adventurous for your kids, there are specially designed miniature versions for them to enjoy. With its rivers and racing slides, come and immerse yourself in the cooling fun at one of Malaysia’s newest hotspots.

A’Famosa Melaka

The many slides at the A'Famosa waterpark in Melaka.
Have a blast while visiting the historic city of Melaka.
Source: A’Famosa

When your journey brings you to the captivating streets of Malacca for a historic rendezvous or a delightful getaway with friends, you might discover a haven of relaxation at A’ Famosa Resort. Nestled within its embrace is one of Malaysia’s most renowned and expansive water parks. The A’ Famosa Water Theme Park unveils a tapestry of 11 attractions, beckoning you to indulge in joyous experiences. Here, towering water slides, reaching heights akin to 7-storey buildings, promise exhilaration, while meandering lazy rivers invite you to relinquish your cares and float away. Amidst the tapestry of Malacca’s rich history, A’ Famosa stands as an oasis where you can escape the heat and create cherished memories.

Sunway Lagoon

The iconic bridge at Sunway Lagoon inside Sunway City.
Go to the safari while staying in Malaysia.
Source: Sunway Hotels

In Sunway City, Selangor, amidst all that Sunway has to offer, you’ll find Sunway Lagoon, located right next to Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Hotel, and just a stone throw away from Sunway University. Sunway Lagoon has it all—from the dry park to the animal zoo. The water park is home to Malaysia’s biggest wave beach and vuvuzela slide, which you will definitely ride on again and again, you will feel like you are in a beautiful safari while still being in Malaysia.

Adventure Waterpark

A rollercoaster at Adventure Waterpark that splashes into the water in its final stretch.
A Waterpark for true daredevils.
Source: Klook

The second water park from Johor being featured on this list is Adventure Waterpark in Desaru Coast. It is a family-friendly park that offers rides for kids who want to just splash around, as well as thrill seekers who are searching for their next high. Adventure Waterpark is home to the Kraken’s Revenge, a water coaster that plummets into the water at staggering speeds of 70 kilometres per hour! Additionally, they even have a huge wave pool and lazy rivers. For those who are daring enough to take a big splash, Adventure Waterpark is the place for you!

Wet World Waterpark

Families having fun in at Wet World waterpark in Shah Alam.
Take a short drive to cool down for the day!
Source: Visit Selangor

Found in Shah Alam, Selangor, Wet World presents a charming Caribbean-themed waterpark experience that is not only captivating but also wallet-friendly. With admission costs comfortably below RM40 for adults and around RM30 for kids, it invites the entire family for an enjoyable time. Situated merely a 20-minute journey from Kuala Lumpur, Wet World’s strategic location in the heart of the city renders it easily accessible to residents across the expansive Klang Valley. A delightful aquatic escape awaits, where the allure of the Caribbean meets the convenience of urban proximity, making Wet World a joyful retreat for all.

Melaka Wonderland

A picture of the mascots of Melaka Wonderland at the entrance.
Calling all you dino-lovers out there.
Source: Melaka Wonderland via Tripadvisor

Do you like Dinosaurs? Or just prehistoric culture? If you do, Melaka Wonderland in Malacca has done a terrific job incorporating their theme of dinosaurs and Stone Age culture into their waterpark, making you feel like you have returned in time. Fun for the whole family, Melaka Wonderland’s 11 rides ensure that everyone can have fun, with fun activities on the side, like fish feeding and boat riding. Add this to your to-do list when you are in Malacca!

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And there you have it, the ultimate list of Malaysia’s top 10 waterparks that’ll have you splashing, sliding and beating the heat like never before! Whether you’re a thrill-seeker looking to conquer crazy slides, a laid-back bloke soaking up the sun, or a family seeking a day of laughter and water-filled adventures, Malaysia’s waterparks have got you covered.