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Top 5 Spectacular Interior Design Trends for 2022

Some trending interior design for this year...

Many homes have received more love, care, attention, and contemplation in the last few months than they have in the previous few years. Who is to blame, exactly?

This pandemic may have caused us to spend more time indoors than ever before, which means we would naturally turn our attention to our interior surroundings, figuring out what works best for our lifestyles. So, here are five interior design trends that everyone wants to try at home.

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Coloured concrete interior design.
Source: Bathroom designed by Studio Ben Allen
(Image credit: French and Tye)

Coloured Concrete

Concrete is a popular choice in today’s bathrooms. It’s the ideal material for this room because of the vibrant colours it now offers, as well as the texture and depth it brings. Coloured concrete can also be found on the outside and the floors of kitchens.

Wonder why it had gradually become the most popular material in the world of design? It appeals to architect Eduardo Souza because of its durability, as the pigment mixed with the concrete is said to be more stable than the paint.

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3D Arts on walls.
Source: The Phillips Collection Flower Wall Art, Neiman Marcus

3D Arts

As we spend more time in our homes, we tend to look for ways to bring fun, and life to our flat walls. This year, anything that jumps off the wall and can be arranged in a variety of ways will be highly popular.

While some wall art pieces may be two-dimensional paintings or something similar, locating art in various mediums is a brilliant way to make the area have a more varied sense of texture. These added texture elements can help add to the interiors some much-needed visual weight and balance.

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Curvy furniture interior design.
Source: Quadro Room

Curvy Furniture

Although the crisp lines of mid-century modern furniture will always be popular, we’re seeing a more delicate touch to furniture designs now, with curved edges and feminine shapes taking centre stage.

But this time, it covers everything from soft-edge tables to remodelled contemporary seats. These kinds of furniture and decorations are thought to be more forgiving, as well as better fit angled items that gives the room a romantic feel.

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Multifunctional spaces interior design trends.
Source: HGTV

Multifunctional Spaces

Nowadays, single-purpose spaces seem to have vanished. Given recent architectural advancements and design, it has been anticipated that interior design trends in 2022 will include clever concepts for multifunctional rooms.

We had currently begun to realise that we can live with less, and we will grow more inventive in how we may make our places versatile. With sleek and imaginative room-dividing strategies, we will eventually be making the most out of every corner in our homes.

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Smart homes.
Source: Design Milk

Smart Homes

With new technological advancements, design continues to adapt. Many designers are turning to virtual design to create immersive spaces and highly engaging designs that are both modern and futuristic. Accent tables, for example, can include speakers and controls, and lightings can be controlled by using mobile device apps.

That concludes the most popular interior design styles for the year! Remember that the best interior designers regularly combine diverse styles, so we should free our thoughts and approach our designs from numerous perspectives.