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Top 10 street foods in Klang Valley that will make your mouth water

Fill your cravings with these 10 delicious road-side snacks!

It is common knowledge that Malaysia is renowned for its food offerings, but beyond the popular dishes like Maggi Goreng and Chicken Rice lies another level of mouthwatering food that often comes on trucks and roadsides. The Klang Valley, in particular, is home to hundreds of unique and juicy street food vendors. You will find them at every corner, selling what makes Malaysia such a powerhouse in the foodie community. That said, here are 10 street food vendors that will put your waistline at risk.

Brader John

Brader John serving food at his food truck located at uptown damansara
Best Ramly burgers in town!
Source: Taufulou

Starting off this list with a bang, Ramly Burgers is the go-to choice for late-night snacks or lepak sessions. And you can’t talk about ramly burgers without mentioning Brader John, known for their messy and juicy patties. Brader John opens till late, which makes it the perfect spot to hit when you’re starving in the middle of the night! You can find them at Uptown Damansara near Starling.

Damascus Shawarma

People lining up to get their hands on a Shawarma at Damascus Shawarma Bukit Bintang
Craving for some meat? You know where to go.
Source: Damascus Shawarma via Facebook

If you have not tried shawarma, then what are you waiting for?! Hailing from the Middle East, shawarma is a delicious wrap filled with meat, sauces and veggies. You can only find a handful of authentic vendors in Malaysia. Still, none are as famous as Damascus, located in Bukit Bintang, down the road from Pavilion. Damascus is an affordable choice of food for anyone that wants a taste of the Middle East.

Tapak Urban Street Dining

People gathered at Tapak Urban Street Dining to eat what the stalls habe to offer.
Check out the best food trucks that Klang Valley has to offer.
Source: Anna Lee via Discover KL

This next spot is not really a vendor but rather a place that houses various palates for your choosing. Located nearby KLCC, Tapak Urban Street Dining is perfect for a midnight snack if you and your buddies can’t decide what to eat. Western food? Tapak has it, deserts and juices? Tapak has it as well. With a diverse community and food variety, Tapak can be your next hangout spot.

Nasi Lemak Bumbung Seapark

Nasi Lemak Bumbung Seapark operating in a back alley.
You can eat Nasi Lemak her all day long..
Source: Taufulou

Hidden within a back alley in Seapark, Petaling Jaya, lies a stall that may seem off-putting due to its surroundings but arguably serves one of the best Nasi Lemak in town. They serve food through the night and only close around 4 in the morning! You can be sure to always have a place to eat if you are around the Seapark area, with other choices of dishes like their bestselling Maggi Goreng and IndoMie.

Cendol & Rojak SS15

A worker at cendol and rojak SS15 shaving ice
The best of both worlds…
Source: Fun N’ Taste

Growing up with cendol is a memory not to forget, but who says cendol needs to stay in the past? In SS15, Subang Jaya opposite the KFC, lies a stall with the most refreshing cendol you would ever eat in the middle of summer, the heat makes it all the more satisfying. The rojak is just as good! The combo of the two dishes served here makes it all the more reason to take some time out of your day to come by here.

Satay Station

A Satay Station outlet at a corner lot preparing to serve satay
Find a Satay Station near you today!
Source: EmoBananaBoy

Would this list be complete without Satay? Well, it wouldn’t. Located all around the Klang Valley, there is a satay chain that is taking the region by storm. With a perfect balance of fat and meat, Satay Station manages to find the sweet spot that makes you crave for more after every bite. If you feel like you want to treat yourself, you can also order their wagyu satay which has fat that just melts in your mouth. So if you thought Satay couldn’t get any better, this place will prove you wrong.

Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings

The staff at Wong ah Wah cooking the famous chicken.
Grilled to perfection.
Source: Wilson Ng via Places And Foods

In the heart of Bukit Bintang’s food street, Wong Ah Wah began as a small food stall before transforming into the restaurant it is today. Simply gazing at their chicken wings is enough to make your mouth drool. You can eat till your heart’s content at affordable prices of only RM3.20 per piece  without breaking the bank. Grilled perfectly with oozing barbeque sauce, your nights out will never be the same once you taste these wings.

O&S Restaurant

The coffee shop O&S restaurant having a busy lunch time
Instead of going to Penang, let them bring Penang to you..
Source: Hizwan Hamid via TimeOut

A restaurant that remains true to its Penang roots, O&S serves authentic Penang dishes. If you want anything more authentic, you must go to the island itself! Among all the dishes they offer, one truly stands out: their Assam Laksa is exceptional. With a fresh mix of veggies, lime, and the broth that ties it all together, you’ll feel like you’re in Penang with every sip.

Lok Lok Street

The trucks at Lok Lok street for the dinner rush
A never-ending supply of Lok Lok!
Source: Fun N’ Taste

The king of affordable street foods, Lok Lok can be found almost everywhere, but some stand out from the rest. Renowned for its extensive variety, you can choose nearly anything from fish balls to vegetables. But what if you could select from a diverse range of individual Lok Lok trucks? Well, you can do that here! Operating in the evenings, you can find yourself in Lok Lok Haven with the limitless choices available for you to select from.

Gerai No. 3 Kedai Kak Jat

One of the many stalls at Gerai No. 3, Kak Jat rushing through the lunch crowd
Despite being surrounded by other ikan bakar stalls, Kak Jat still stands out.
Source: bubumonkey via monkeY eYe

Jalan Bellamy features numerous Ikan Bakar stalls, yet people predominantly discuss Kedai Kak Jat, as its Ikan Bakar’s unparalleled crunchiness stands out. The seafood delicacy is marinated and grilled to a perfect crisp. While Ikan Bakar draws most visitors, Kedai Kak Jat’s offerings extend beyond this highlight. With options like prawns, crabs, and stingrays, the eatery satisfies all your seafood cravings.

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That’s a wrap on the most mouthwatering adventure through Klang Valley’s top 10 street foods! From sizzling satay sticks that transport your taste buds to flavour town to the crispy Ikan Bakar, that’s a dance party for your palate, this street food journey has been a whirlwind of deliciousness. Whether you’re a local foodie or a hungry traveller, these iconic stalls have united to create a symphony of flavours that’s nothing short of awe-inspiring.