Most people have at least a passing knowledge of what smart home technology is, which in the past used to be very expensive and a thing of luxury.

What they don’t know is that nowadays, implementing this technology has become more common and affordable in houses. As for the property developers, it can even add millions of dollars to their property value.

Let’s not wait and dive straight into the points where I’ll tell you some of the trendiest smart home technologies and how you can get the most out of them.

Smart Locks

Looking for a more secure way to safeguard your home? Why not try to use smart locks that are easy-to-install and convenient for you to lock and unlock. 

You might already know this, but many types of smart doors are readily available in the market. Doors with pin codes, fingerprint scans, or even accessibility through an app on your mobile device really help you skip the hustle of owning many keys! You can even follow the ongoing trend of inserting a chip in your hand and unlocking the doors just by scanning it. Sounds cool, right?


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But if you or your clients have low technology trust and still prefer those traditional locks and keys, you can just install them both! They will thank you for being understanding, and at the same time, feel safer in their home.

Smart Lights

Besides turning on and off the lights while you enter or leave the room, you can even change the light brightness depending on your needs with smart lights. Automatically detecting the light intensity in your room and changing the light brightness will be another function that you can enjoy. 

Smart Switches

Too exhausted to turn on the lights after a long day at work? Rather call it a night but still have to switch off that pesty light to really rest? Here’s a solution for you, a smart switch. Using an app, you can connect to all those switches around your home with your phone. And don’t worry if you’ve forgotten to switch off any electrical appliances when you left. Just double-check using your phone!


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Connect All Together

Once you have gotten all those smart gadgets we have talked about, you have one last step to truly complete your smart house. It is a smart home system that can manage all of your smart devices simultaneously, quite like a control tower. Add a virtual smart assistant like Google Home or Alexa to the boot, and you will have voice activation too!

You can even set different themes for your home, like a cosy or even a party theme with a set of instructions. And with one tap on your phone or a voice command, all the smart devices will change their settings accordingly. That’s the power of integration!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there, grab this futuristic technology, and increase your home’s value! Get the most bang for your buck while wowing your buyers at the same time.