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ENRICH 10,000,000 Families with Vincent Soh

Nation Building by Financing 100,000 SMEs in ASEAN

Putting Words into Action

Leaders typically preach their thoughts to followers. However, finding one who actually walks the talk can be a tall order until Vincent Soh comes into the picture. As the founder and CEO of MoneySave, a peer-to-peer (P2P) crowdfunding platform, Vincent exemplifies what other leaders should fundamentally do: practise what they preach for.


Enriching Everyone Together

While it seems easier said than done, Vincent is a leader who naturally radiates confidence and competence as a CEO. Leading by example, he articulates a crystal-clear vision even from the very beginning for his company: to bring joy, or delight, to his customers directly from a financial standpoint. He is a visionary with a noble heart, associating nation-building as his own personal goal. Vincent passionately shares with the team his ambitious goal through MoneySave’s journey, which is to crowdfund 100,000 SMEs and enrich 10 million families across the ASEAN region by 2026.


Innovation for a Noble Cause 

Of course, none of these would have been easily resonated by all if not for Vincent’s own credentials and experience sharpened over the years. Commendably, he can understand client needs and deliver innovative solutions in a wink. Deeply understanding the importance of acting with speed by imparting his knowledge to clients to make informed decisions.


His initiative drove MoneySave to become the world’s first P2P crowdfunding platform to introduce Risk Reduction Score, allowing greater control for investors in selecting which SMEs to crowdfund while lowering the cost of funding for SMEs. Unsurprisingly, it represented a significant milestone for the company, elevating MoneySave’s brand name to new summits.


“The Ultimate Competition: Outperforming One’s Self”

As such, it is no big task for Vincent to gain the trust of his team. Working with and learning from a dynamic leader like him is definitely a privilege. After successfully crowdfunding over RM250 million over the past 2 years, we became the best performing P2P crowdfunding platform in Malaysia, and we will continue striving ahead to outdo ourselves. With Vincent at the helm of leadership, the team is fully committed to serving its clientele even better by delighting you… financially.


Zackrey Omar

Senior Vice President of lnstitutional Business & Strategy, MoneySave (M) Sdn Bhd

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