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Wendy Tan │ Leadership Excellence Awards 2019

Many challenges dot a woman’s path to success, but Wendy Tan, the Project Director of Pancartek (M) Sdn Bhd, have taken on the mantle to power through them all and succeed against all the odds.

The eldest daughter of her family, Wendy had it tough from the get-go with the burden of expectations on her. A family business in the plumbing industry, the chances of a women succeeding was seen as impossible.

It did not faze Wendy however, as she dives headstrong into the field to prove that she could stand in the league among the men. The admirable traits that lead her to glory are her perseverance and self-confidence.

Many doubts of her capabilities and leadership were thrown at her, but Wendy prove them wrong through her constant pursuit of progress and innovation. With a burning passion, she had transformed the traditional business model by improving the company’s system and inspiring her fellow employees, steering the company to newer frontiers.

A woman of compassion and nurture, Wendy has also shown to be benign to her family. Her love and caring nature are also extended to her employees. When she’s at the site, Wendy does not hesitate to provide and understand their every need. She had shaped the company’s culture and made it enjoyable for her colleagues.

Wendy has proved that nothing is impossible if you persevere.

LEA 2019 – Wendy Tan

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