Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Work at Home Scams

There are thousands of scams out on the net and with the current lockdown, work at home scams is topping the chart

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, the currently popular phrase of Work at Home has been on a rise and many who are keen to line their pockets with a bit of extra cash, have been looking through work-at-home opportunities. However, there are just as many people working at work-at-home scams!

To help you avoid the loss of some cash and disappointment, here are some of the common work-at-home scams and how to recognize them.

Computer Scams

You can earn money at home by doing data entry and word processing tasks for a small starter fee. Once you send in that fee though, all you will get is a disk with general information on how to start a business, a list of business names, or a useless guide to work-at-home jobs.

Contacting the firms on the list will only give you uninterested replies or a meager pay rate.

Craft Work and Assembly Scams

The most common phrase you will hear is that you could earn good money, sometimes thousands of dollars, through assembling an item for a company that would then purchase from you.

How these scams work is the requirement of buying the material and equipment upfront. The things that you do not have, you would have to buy from the company, such as a sewing machine. Once you have crafted the item, the company would not repurchase the craft, giving you excuses that your work is never up to standard.

MLM Pyramid Scheme Scams

How this goes is by selling the products or services of the company, which will then generate you big cash. In Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies, you earn money through commission from your sales and the people you recruit under you as distributors.

The issue lies in that many MLM businesses are just frauds. The only ones earning money are the people at the top of the pyramid schemes, and the products and services are only there to make the business look legit.

Medical Billing Scams

If you start a home business in electronic billing services providing accounts receivable, billing, and electronic insurance claim processing to dentists and doctors, you can earn big cash.

This scam makes you invest thousands of dollars for the promised training, software, and technical support but no clients. In the market for medical billing, the competition is high and controlled by well-established organizations. To earn a sustainable income or even generate profit is very low.

These are just a few common scams that relate to work-at-home businesses. There are, unfortunately, still many more scams out there masquerading as business opportunities. So be wary of opportunities presented and don’t be a victim of work-at-home scams.

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