Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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The Unassailable One, YC Liang

Growth does not come through ease, it blooms from hardship.

A Trailblazer

Wherever YC Liang goes, the room alights with her zealous energy. She has always been self-assured. Never once did she look back nor is she afraid of any challenges. It was hard not to get captivated; she is just so charming that I got hooked in an instant.


A Nurtured Seed will Always Flourish

The remarkable thing about YC is her innate ability to manage and educate others at the same time. She is endlessly benevolent in her guidance, be it professional or in personal endeavours. She believes there are no limits to one’s potential, so long as you are willing to nurture your skills.

YC is also a visionary who never stops striving to develop herself and her business further. She is always seeking better strategies, better tactics. She does not shy away from others’ guidance either, forming many deep-seated relationships with those around her.


All Obstacles are Opportunities Waiting to Be Discovered

YC is not someone who would let an opportunity slip through her grips, rather she is one who would spin straws into gold. A perfect illustration of this was when the pandemic first hit the country. She seizes this unfavourable circumstance and turns it into a silver lining. This is the essence of who she is. While many others are unfortunately stuck and losing hope, she blazes through this difficult time and never stops until she finds a solution.


My wish for you is to always be yourself

The beauty of you lies in your truthfulness to yourself. You never waver and that makes you unstoppable. By just looking at you, it had invigorated many to stand again. So, always stay resolute and never falter! For your beauty is unparalleled when you embrace and accept who you are.


Vernice Cho Pei Hwa

Partner, GM Communication Sdn Bhd