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Taking the Unorthodox Route, Yeouchiang Eng

Ushering businesses into the clouds.

Foresight prohibits oversight

In today’s dynamic business world, the ability to adapt is pivotal towards survival. This is a quality that emanates in abundance within the very soul of Yeouchiang. He does so by always being ahead of the game, constantly finding swift solutions towards solving his problems. Ultimately, this led to the founding of his prized jewel, YesBoss.

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Paving a new path

Being in a business where conventionalism is heavily practised, breaking the mould requires continuous innovation and education in order to deliver value to customers. Yeouchiang strives to empower SMEs by helping them establish cloud accounting software to achieve a more seamless, simple, and smarter real-time accounting user experience.

As one of the earliest adopters of cloud accounting, he invests a large portion of his time guiding clients, mainly business owners, to effectively implement the software. Moreover, he is persistently finding unique and efficient methods to help his clients utilize cloud accounting to its maximum potential.


Threading the fine line

One of Yeouchiang’s many fortes is his exemplary decision-making ability. There is a narrow margin between being expeditious and reckless. However, Yeouchiang is always able to exercise sound judgement. Often times, he is called upon to make decisions on his feet, solving the issues of business owners. His decisive imprint in leveraging every feature of cloud computing has garnered trust and fortified the relationship with his clients.


In a time of accelerating change necessitates innovation

Knowing Yeouchiang, he is a phenomenal leader who will prosper in his future endeavours. Living in a world of radically advancing technology, it is not the biggest fish that survives but the fastest. I believe that his ability to always be two steps ahead of the game will bring a futuristic twist to the age-old tradition of accounting.


Lennie Leong

Senior Account Manager, Xero Limited

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