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Mah Sing launches Eazy to Own Campaign to aim for RM1.6 bil sales in 2020

Mah Sing Group Berhad aims to reach new heights with their Eazy to Own Campaign - targeting RM1.6 billion sales

Mah Sing Group Bhd (Mah Sing) has targeted to achieve RM1.6 billion sales for 2020 with a key focus on affordable housing. 84% of Mah Sing’s annual target sales are derived from residential properties below RM700,000.

Based on an internal survey, Mah Sing has found buyers to be mostly concern of pricing, affordability, location, and the practicality or creativity of layouts. To attend to the public’s needs, Mah Sing launches a new campaign called ‘Eazy to Own’ on the 19th of February which covers the Group’s new and completed residential projects nationwide.

The campaign is stated to offer easy entry with low upfront costs, peace of mind by locking in current prices, and affordability with incentives and savings for house buyers who are looking to own their ideal homes.

The main campaign objective is to address the pain points that home buyers face in 4 key demographics. The people who have intentions to buy but could not afford the high down payment, currently renting their homes, facing disapproval for loans, and first-time millennial centric buyers with an income of RM8,000 and below are the groups.

The group managing director, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum is hopeful that with the economic stimulus package that is to be announced by the Prime Minister on the February 27th would boost the consumer’s spending.

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