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Top 10 Home Décor Stores to spruce up your home

Add some magic to your home with these 10 Décor Stores!

Welcome to a world of interior decoration! In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, a treasure of decor stores awaits to add a touch of magic to your home. Whether you are trying to revamp your home or seeking a statement piece to redefine a room, these 10 decor stores are your go-to destinations. Get ready to explore a collection of furnishings, fixtures, and design wonders that promise to infuse your home with style, personality, and that ‘wow’ factor you’ve been craving. Join us on our journey through Kuala Lumpur’s finest decor havens, where every store can turn houses into dream homes.


Entrance of Kaison at IOI city mall putrajaya
Growing fast and on the rise.
Source: IOI City Mall

A Malaysian staple, Kaison has experienced remarkable growth in the past decade, establishing a presence in nearly every major mall. Starting in Sabah, the company offers an extensive range of decorations. From vibrant paintings and Christmas ornaments to plush toys and an impressive selection of artificial plants, Kaison covers your decor needs. Their products showcase the ideal balance between affordability and quality, making them a go-to for those seeking subtle yet impactful home enhancements.

KARE Malaysia

The entrance of KARE Malaysia at One Utama
Make a statement with your pieces from here
Source: KARE Malaysia

For those who want to stand out, KARE is your store. Unlike your typical furniture store, KARE is a burst of creativity that refuses to blend in. KARE’s decor is tailor-made for those who dare to be different. From bright LED signs with quirky fonts to metallic statues and sofas with the wildest prints, this is where uniqueness takes centre stage. Embrace the bold designs as you navigate a true haven for those who crave to stand out and make a statement.


Entrance of HOOGA at IOI CIty Mall Putrajaya
Sometimes less is more
Source: IOI City Mall

HOOGA, the Singaporean gem that promotes nature’s essence and homely vibes, has become a sensation in the decor industry. The saying “less is more” could not be more true here. With an impressive range of artificial plants spanning from charming cacti to elegant willows, you can effortlessly add some life to your living space. Not confined to just homes, their versatile designs have also seamlessly taken on office aesthetics. Are you hunting for snug elements to sprinkle a touch of character into your bedroom, study, or any space? HOOGA has got your back. This is your invitation to experience a world where simplicity and sophistication intertwine, crafting an ambience as comforting as stylish. With HOOGA, your quest for cosy perfection finds its ultimate partner.


Aerial shot of IKEA Damansara with the surrounding buildings
The most famous DIY Furniture store out there!
Source: IKEA

When discussing furniture and decor, the name that springs to mind is the global Scandinavian sensation, IKEA. Known for its top-notch quality and inviting designs, IKEA effortlessly adds comfort and creativity to your home. It’s not just about furniture; it’s a gateway to a world of possibilities. From charming office setups to cosy living spaces, their decor brings new life into your rooms. But that’s not all—IKEA offers a treasure trove of accessories, from candles that cast a warm glow to chic chandeliers and even speakers to enhance your ambience. It’s a one-stop destination where innovation meets style. Experience the magic as your living space undergoes a stunning transformation, reflecting your unique personality.


The entrance of Nitori of one of their first Outlets in Malaysia
Organize your house one step at a time.
Source: Nitori Malaysia

In a groundbreaking move, Nitori introduced Malaysia to its inaugural Japanese-style store in early 2022, located within the relatively new Lalaport BBCC. This home and living haven has sent excitement with its unique offerings. Beyond the cooling bed sheets and elegant plates, Nitori’s true forte lies in its ingenious organising furniture. With shelves that promise order, closets that hold your things gracefully, and baskets that transform clutter into cohesion—Nitori has mastered the art of functional storage. Suppose the idea of an impeccably neat, strikingly tidy, and effortlessly organised space ignites your enthusiasm. In that case, there’s only one destination to mark on your map: Nitori. Prepare to embark on a journey towards a home that echoes the serenity and harmony of Japanese design principles.


The entrance of MAJUHOME at IOI City Mall
Turning a house into a home.
Source: IOI City Mall

MAJUHOME has etched its reputation over the years as a powerhouse, specialising in top-tier wooden furniture and luxuriously comfortable couches. This all-in-one furniture haven has elegantly stretched its reach, opening 6 branches across Selangor. Whether you’re pursuing the perfect sofa to unwind on or the ideal office chair or desk to maximise productivity, MAJUHOME ensures that the realm of choices is boundless. Their designs, characterised by simplicity and an exquisite old-world touch, lend a timeless grace to your space. With an array of themes that cater to your individual taste, this is where your house seamlessly transforms into your dream home, reflecting your unique personality and style. It’s not just furniture; it’s the essence of comfort and aesthetics woven into your everyday living. Welcome to MAJUHOME, where elegance and functionality converge.

H&M Home

The insides of the H%M Home outlet in Avenue K
Clothing isn’t the only thing they are good at.
Source: Pamper Editorial Team via Pamper

Hold on a second—H&M for your home? Believe it or not, it’s true! This beloved fast fashion icon has unveiled a chic sibling store dedicated to interior furniture right in the heart of Avenue K. Swapping out shirts and sweatshirts for timeless furniture pieces, this H&M venture promises to transform your house into a conversation starter. With an extensive range encompassing everything you need for your home interior, you’re in for a treat. Snuggle with their cosy blankets that promise warmth throughout the night, and adorn your dining table with porcelain plates that radiate elegance. The fusion of style and functionality awaits as this H&M transcends clothing to create stunning home sanctuaries. Get ready to embark on a journey of interior transformation that will have your home exuding a unique charm bound to turn heads.


The entrancce of SSF HOME at The Starling
From toilets to kitchens, there is no room they don’t cover.
Source: The Starling

Elegance doesn’t have to break the bank, and SSF HOME does this effortlessly. A seasoned player in artificial flowers and home accessories since 1987. SSF HOME brings forth a testament to affordability without compromising style. With an impressive network of 47 outlets scattered across Malaysia and a diverse catalogue of over 30,000 products, every visit to their showrooms promises a fresh discovery. From the understated charm of flower pots to the muse of ancient Chinese soldier statues, SSF HOME caters to a spectrum of tastes, ensuring something is captivating for every corner of your home.

Stone Age by Good2u

The entrance to Stone Age by Good2u at Da Men Mall
Affordable Kitchenware all around!
Source: Da Men Mall via Facebook

Like H&M, Good2u isn’t just a fast fashion standout; it’s a brand that extends its prowess to diverse markets. A prime example is the Stone Age, a haven for plateware and porcelain. Step into a world where affordability meets aesthetics, with prices as astonishingly low as RM2 for plates! Whether you’re seeking to grace your kitchen shelves with exquisite cutlery or add elegance to your dining setup, Stone Age is your answer. Get ready to embrace quality and style without breaking the bank.


The Online store of FortyTwo
All at the tip of your fingers!
Source: FortyTwo

Discover the game-changer for upgrading your home without ever stepping out. FortyTwo is an online decor store that originated in Singapore and has now extended its exceptional services and products to Malaysia. With a comprehensive range of furniture for every room, bathroom accessories, and study lamps, FortyTwo has revolutionised the decor landscape. Embrace the convenience of elevating your home ambience right from where you are.

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These top 10 stores stand as beacons of creativity and style. From chic minimalism to bold extravagance, each store offers a unique palette of options to elevate your living spaces. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just beginning your decor journey, these stores provide a seamless blend of inspiration and practicality. So, as you step back into your freshly adorned abode, may the newfound charm and warmth remind you of the limitless potential of design. With many choices, turning your house into a personalised haven has never been more exciting. Happy decorating!