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Top 10 sustainable fashion brands in Malaysia

Revamp your wardrobe while helping the environment with these 10 brands!

In a world where conscious consumerism is gaining momentum, sustainable fashion is no longer a trend but a vital movement. Malaysia is home to rich cultural diversity and a growing number of innovative fashion brands committed to ethical practices and eco-friendly materials. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 sustainable fashion brands in Malaysia, celebrating their dedication to style that looks good and does good for the planet. 


A picture of the little clothing shop with its clothes on display
Sustainability does not have to compromise on style.
Source: The Little Clothing Shop via Carilocal

LTTL is dedicated to a zero-waste approach right from the start. Their garment designs incorporate innovative pattern-cutting methods that minimise fabric waste. Even the remaining fabric is repurposed into functional elements like belts and straps. This unique approach showcases how each item drapes uniquely on various body shapes, originating from the same cloth size and dimensions.


A photoshoot of two models wearing Terrae
Recycled materials from top to bottom.
Source: Terrae

During the 2021 activewear trend, Terrae stands out with a strong commitment to sustainability and circular practices. This brand places environmental responsibility at the core of its operations. Terrae utilises eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials, including ECONYL regenerated nylon derived from discarded fishing nets, organic cotton, and upcycled materials. This conscious choice creates a positive impact by reducing ocean pollution, CO2 emissions, and landfill waste. Terrae’s dedication to transparency is evident through its disclosure of organic cotton sourcing and certified recyclable packaging materials.


three models wearing kualesa in a photoshoot
Innovating the fashion scene with Bamboo fabric
Source: Kualesa via Facebook

Though new to the scene, Kualesa is already making waves by redefining the fashion industry norms. They emphasise elevating sustainability while maintaining style and comfort in their bamboo clothing creations. By opting for Bamboo Lyocell over traditional polyester, Kualesa contributes to an eco-friendly fashion landscape. Bamboo’s rapid growth and biodegradability make it an ideal choice, aligned with their commitment to the planet’s health. Beyond its association with panda food, bamboo yields remarkably soft, breathable, and durable fabric, reducing waste.


The entrance of a FERN store
Modernizing the batik into a timeless piece of clothing
Source: FERN

FERN, a homegrown, sustainable label, shines a spotlight on the beauty of batik printing. By blending timeless fabric techniques with modern designs, they craft one-of-a-kind pieces. Their collection features premium resort wear that effortlessly captures elegance. Notably, FERN produces their batik textiles in-house, adding a personal touch to their creations.

LI’s Atelier

Two models wearing the clothes of Li's Atelier
Fabric that doesn’t wear you down on a hot Malaysian day
Source: LI’s Atelier

LI’s showcases the versatility of linen, a fabric made from the flax plant, which is a hidden gem in sustainability discussions worldwide. It’s ideal for staying cool in Malaysia and Southeast Asia’s heat. LI’s introduces designs that blend features like pleats, ruches, and body-hugging shapes, usually associated with satin or silk, into their creations.

OZERO Swimwear

The pieces of OZERO on display at a beach
Beachwear that protects the very place you wear it at!
Source: OZERO Swimwear

Ozero Swimwear, a high-end eco-conscious swimwear label, was established by Elena Cheurina, a Russian model based in Kuala Lumpur. Embracing sustainability, the brand employs ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon fibre crafted from reclaimed plastic waste like fishing nets, in all their swimsuit creations. Their choice of Italian fabric ensures breathability, durability, and excellent UV protection, guaranteeing your ultimate comfort.


Fondest's clothing hanging on a clothes line
A perfect blend of sustainability and timelessness
Source: Fondest via Facebook

Spearheaded by social media influencer Josephine Yap, Fondest proves that sustainability and timeless fashion can harmonise beautifully. Their approach is unique: crafting a limited number of pieces per design (usually 150-250) to foster careful ownership and extend the lifespan of each garment. Emphasising local production, the brand avoids plastics and employs 100% recycled packaging, significantly reducing its carbon footprint. Josephine acknowledges their journey towards greater environmental responsibility, showcasing their commitment to continuous improvement. It’s an inspiring evolution!


Three models wearing Wustler clothing in a photoshoot
Supporting women as well as the environment
Source: Wustler

Wustler crafts exquisite loungewear and nightwear using viscose and rayon, semi-synthetic fabrics sourced from recycled cellulose fibre. These materials offer a greener alternative to polyester. Additionally, Wustler’s commitment to sustainability is evident as they allocate 1% of their sales to support the Women’s Environmental Alliance (WEA), a nonprofit organisation.

The Modest Brands

Four models posing for The Modern Brand photoshoot
Comfortability and Inclusiveness all in one package!
Source: The Modern Brand

Built on the foundations of diversity and sustainability, this Malaysian athleisure wear brand builds its mission around these principles. Crafted from recycled polyester, nylon, and cotton, their clothing is thoughtfully designed to offer comfort to women of all sizes and shapes. Whether you’re hitting the gym, relaxing at home, or on the go, this brand caters to your every need. 


A yellow t shirt and denim tote bag and a sheet of fabric being cut through
Natural dye that makes the colors pop!
Source: TwoFrens

Within the fashion industry, textile dyes have emerged as major pollutants, significantly harming ecosystems and local communities. However, TwoFrens takes a different approach, opting for natural dyes sourced from elements like beetroots and flowers. These eco-friendly alternatives are harnessed to craft their range of clothing and accessories.

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As the world focuses on sustainable living, Malaysia’s fashion landscape is also evolving to embrace eco-conscious practices. This article’s top 10 sustainable fashion brands exemplify how style and sustainability can harmoniously coexist. Through innovative materials, ethical manufacturing, and a commitment to reducing environmental impact, these brands lead towards a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry in Malaysia. By supporting these brands, we elevate our personal style and contribute to a brighter and greener future for our planet.