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Top 10 Team-building activities

Make fun memories as a group at these 10 places!

It is always a good idea for an office team to take a breather occasionally to relieve tension and mentally reset before returning to work. Team-building exercises can be a great way to ease the minds of teams and improve relationships between each other. Activities also promote communication and leadership, which could move to the workplace. So, if you feel your team could use a fun break, here are some of the most unique attractions you and your team can visit!

District 21

A picture of District 21 that showcases all the attractions that the place has to offer.
A theme park inside a mall? Count me in!
Source: District 21 via Klook

Step into a world of immersion at District 21, located in IOI City Mall Putrajaya. The park is unique as it all takes place within the mall. With the theme of being a post-apocalyptic and abandoned city, the park has a dystopian feel. The heart-stopping rides will have you clenching onto the railing while on them. With 10 attractions, from flying foxes to climbing walls, your fun-filled day with your colleagues awaits you.

Camp5 Climbing Gym

A group of climbers waiting each their turn to scale the wall at Camp5 Climbing Gym
A fun way to coordinate and lose weight!
Source: Camp5 Climbing Gym Group

Are you new to rock climbing and need a bit of encouragement to kick off? Well, there is no better place to start than Camp5 Climbing Gym. With three outlets across the Klang Valley, each with its unique layout and obstacles, Camp5 aims to provide your team with a challenging course of walls and “mountains” to climb. With all the fun you’ll have, you will forget you are working out!

Hauntu Malaysia via The Linc KL

A group of people being hunted down by a shadowy figure in Hauntu
Put your bravery to the test
Source: Huantu

Enter the horrifying realm of Hauntu Malaysia and put your bravery to the test. Picture your average haunted house, but now add crazy mazes, strong storytelling and live actors to create that narrative; that is what Hauntu does. You and your team will have to engage in the story and venture into the different worlds that Hauntu steps into. Prepare yourself for the ultimate scare-fest alongside an intriguing story that the folks at Hauntu have set up for you.

Escape Petaling Jaya

A bird's eye view of the many obstacles at Escape in Paradigm Mall
Take your team to new heights
Source: ESCAPE

For a thrilling team-building experience, consider taking a trip to Escape Petaling Jaya. Spanning 35,000 square feet, you are bound to get lost inside this carnival of flying foxes, slingshots and slides that drop you out of the air into a safe cushion landing. Inside Paradigm Mall, Escape Petaling Jaya has every attraction to provide you and your team with an adrenaline-pumping adventure, so head over soon!

SuperPark Malaysia

The trampolines and sponge pits at SuperPark
A park that screams “high energy”!
Source: SuperPark Malaysia

MAZE Escape Room

The exterior of MAZE Escape Room
Setting a new standard for escape rooms
Source: MAZE Escape Room via Tripadvisor

MAZE Escape Room is a beautiful journey for your team where anything can happen! In an immersive escape room, participants are taken through an adventure of a lifetime. In collaboration with a Chinese escape room company, Maze wants to raise the bar for escape rooms in Malaysia with their games inspired by popular games in China like “Werewolf”. When you and your team step into MAZE, you’ll face incredible actors, gripping stories and eerie rooms that will truly immerse you in the experience.

Skytrex Adventure Sungai Congkak

The canopy bridge in the jungles of Sungai Congkak
Climb trees and glide between them!
Source: Klook

If extreme outdoor activities are your thing, you will feel right at home at Skytrex Adventure Sungai Congkak. Operating in the jungles of Hulu Langat, Selangor, Skytrex is an excellent platform to face your fear of heights. With tons of flying fox lines for you to glide from tree to tree to fish bones that will have you walk across narrow and wobbly bridges, you and your team will be on your toes the whole time!

Art & Bonding

Two ladies during a painting class session at Art & Bonding
Let your imagination fly
Source: Art & Bonding

Maybe your team isn’t all for joyrides that turn your stomach upside down or haunted houses; if you want something more relaxing, then a painting session at Art & Bonding is for you! The art facility is a homely environment for you and your team to sit back, sip wine and pour your heart onto the canvas. Bond over your paintings and enjoy the zen experience, then take back your masterpiece to showcase it to everyone at the office! Enjoy your time in the moment with your team at Art & Bonding.

Dusun Ali King Paintball

An ongoing battle on the field of Dusun Ali
Take out your stress on each other
Source: Dusun Ali King Paintball

Paintball can be a scary experience at first as you are put into a warzone, and getting hit hurts! Then, when the initial fear goes off, you are having the time of life blasting each other. At Dusun Ali King Paintball, test your team’s communication skills as you strategise and lead each other to be the last ones standing. Make every “bullet” count with limited ammo, as you wouldn’t want to run out of ammo mid-battle. Bring out your fighting spirit at Dusun Ali King Paintball!

Hulu Langat Fishing Resort

The visitors at Hulu Langat fishing resort fishing
Let the day pass you by while enjoying it with your team
Source: Hulu Langat Fishing Resort via Facebook

If you and your team just want to enjoy each other’s company and talk away, head over to Hulu Langat Fishing Resort in the countryside of Selangor! Leave your troubles and worries behind as you bond with your team while patiently waiting for your following catch, or enjoy the scenery together. The resort provides all the gear and bait you need, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring anything. Take some time off with your team at Hulu Langat Fishing Resort!

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So that’s it for our 10 spots that you and your team can have fun at and strengthen build relationships while improving team communications.