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Charting the Course in Islamic Hybrid Finance, with Al-Ebreiz Global Capital

Ever since the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, both academics and scholars alike began to argue on the importance of resurrecting a gold-backed currency – known as the Gold Standard, instead of fiat currency, which does not have intrinsic value. Such an approach is also in line with the Islamic way of finance, envisioned by Mohd Norazam Dato’ Muhammad (a.k.a. Azam Dato Mohd), the founder and CEO behind Al-Ebreiz Global Capital Berhad.

Having 10 years of experience serving as CEO for FXCM Malaysia Berhad along with more than 20 years of experience as market maker, Azam made his return to his native Malaysia after spending 10 years living abroad in New York City, United States, where he teamed up with a group of visionaries who together, formed Al-Ebreiz Global Capital Berhad in 2020.

The title of the company itself, Al-Ebreiz, translates into “The Purest Gold”. This served as an inspiration for Azam to design a pipeline with an economic platform in mind, where customers, especially from the Muslim community, are able to generate income digitally while adhering to Islamic standards at the same time.

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Being a technology-based organization providing Blockchain Digital Islamic Hybrid Finance, Al-Ebreiz intends to reshape the modern economic system into one based on the Islamic financial system, which is fair, sustainable, and free of interest. The idea behind this is to offer the public with real value, rather than a promise-to-pay.

With the help of blockchain technology, investors are able to trade and own physical gold, represented in the form of tokens called MTOG (Musharakah Token Offering Gold). The trading process is carried out through the use of e-Dinar, an exchange system which involves the electronic transfer of gold (e-Dinar) and silver (e-Dirham) between accounts.

The e-Dinar system is fully backed by gold and silver, and is used primarily for rendering payments from one customer account to another. The nature of blockchain technology enables all transactions to be stored in a linear, chronological manner, and this represents a secure and convenient vault for customer entry of transaction orders. For every single transaction that is cleared, there will be an increment or decrement reflected in one’s e-Dinar/e-Dirham balance. Thus, the system is able to calculate exactly how much gold/silver belong to each customer.

The whole equation can be transacted via an e-wallet platform, known as AlaDeenGold. This provides a massive advantage for investors as it enables them to own gold without having to store them physically. After all, it is difficult to picture investors keeping all their investments in bags of gold given the hassles of storage spaces and security.  

Classes Now Available at Al-Ebreiz Global Capital Berhad

To create awareness among the public on alternative digital financing methods, especially one that pertains to Islamic concepts of finance, the team behind Al-Ebreiz launched their very first seminar in September 2020. Along with seminars, Al-Ebreiz also conducted its own trainings and classes which are available in three levels – Apprentice, Master, and Professional, priced at a fee of RM 199, RM 2,999, and RM 5,999 respectively.  

Most notably, Al-Ebreiz acquired its first ever Shariah Compliance Certification from the Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) on November 21, 2020. During an interview with Sinar Harian, Azam highlighted this certification as a stepping stone for the company to realize its vision, by exploring new market opportunities available across other Muslim nations in the future. Besides, it plays a key role in encouraging Muslim customers to keep up in their practice of gold trading, while strengthening the company’s portfolio at the same time.

Although the company currently operates only in Malaysia, it envisages itself venturing into the global market within a span of two years, with expansion plans already in place to enter Singapore, Indonesia and the Middle East.  

Interested to know more? Call 011- 1133 5693 or 03-2242 4884 now to sign up for seminars and classes organized by Al-Ebreiz, or register directly on the official website of Al-Ebreiz Global Capital Berhad.