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Fest for the King of Fruits: 3rd Malaysia International Durian & Cultural Fest

The 3rd Malaysia International Durian & Cultural Fest is here to celebrate the king of fruits and Malaysian culture

DKING, in collaboration with LKE Malaysia, are thrilled to announce the 3rd Malaysia International Durian & Cultural Fest, taking place from 14th -16th July at Pavilion Bukit Jalil. This festival aims to promote the renowned Durian, the King of Fruits, to locals and tourists worldwide.

The festival promises an unparalleled experience for durian enthusiasts, offering the grandest durian buffet fest ever organised. Attendees will have the opportunity to indulge in a delightful one-hour durian buffet, accompanied by an extravagant assortment of Goodie Bags worth over RM250, as well as thrilling lucky draws. 

One of the most anticipated highlights of the festival is the first-ever 5KM Durian Fun Run. Participants will have the unique opportunity to join the brand ambassadors Amber Chia and Chan Fong in this exceptional event, combining fitness with the love for durians in an exciting and engaging manner.

Comemorative Photo Of Durian Cultural Fest 2023 Press Conference
From left to right: Leron Yee, Dato Jackky Lim, Datuk Musa, and Jeremy Chin

Ticket sales for this highly anticipated event will commence on the 9th June and can be purchased through the official event website. The tentative price for the buffet is set at RM68, with a special RM10 rebate available for MAE by Maybank users.

Through a partnership with the Malaysia Inbound Chinese Association (MICA), the festival aims to also attract over 1000 Chinese tourists, contributing to Malaysia’s economy through accommodation, food, and spending.

Additionally, the festival’s strategic partner, MELIFE aims to break the Malaysia Book of Records and raise funds for charity. A renowned Malaysian celebrity with over 5 million fans will make a special appearance, adding to the excitement and raising awareness for these noble causes.

The Malaysia International Durian Cultural Fest was born out of our desire to promote Malaysia Durian (The King of Fruits) on a global scale. Our vision is to create a month-long feast dedicated to this beloved fruit, where people from all corners of the world can discover the wonders of Malaysia durians. Similar to the renowned Oktoberfest celebrated in the western countries during October, we envision a Durian Fest in July, adding a distinctive purpose to Malaysia’s cultural calendar and enticing travelers to visit our beautiful country.

Mr. Leron Yee, Founder of DKing

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