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We’ve checked, landlords said yes to those 5 affordable decorating hacks!

Give your rental a makeover with these 5 affordable hacks!

To make a house your home requires your own unique special touch. And if you’re living in a condo, apartment or renting a house, there’s might be a list of rules limiting your ability to make that special space feel truly yours…

Though, it’s not entirely impossible! Here are some affordable ways of styling for you to call your home yours without getting under the landlord’s radar!

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Check out those 5 affordable decorating hacks that are landlord approved!

1. Not a fan of white or plain walls? Try removable wallpaper

If you like to switch up your décor or simply don’t like solid-coloured walls, removable wallpapers are just the thing for you. You’re for sure going to appreciate how easily a removable wallpaper can transform your whole house. They come in all sorts of designs, textures and patterns and believe me, with so many to choose from, you’re bound to find more than a few removable wallpapers that match your style. And the best part? It’s super affordable and easy to apply and remove!

You can easily shop for affordable removable wallpapers on shopee, or if you’re feeling creative you can design your own on Chasing paper website.

Zebra Safari Scalamandré Self Adhesive Wallpaper
Denim Zebra Safari Scalamandré Self Adhesive Wallpaper
Source: Wall Pops
Clean and simple peel and stick wallpaper
Clean and simple peel and stick wallpaper
Source: Blik

2. Pimp up your floors with some tile stickers

Yes! You read that correctly. Tile stickers do exist, and they work exactly like removable wallpaper. You can choose from hundreds and thousands of designs to find the best design for your house. The sticker tiles are manufactured from durable materials; they can easily be washed and are heat and scratch proof. It’s super easy to apply, just stick it over clean floors, and you’ll have a brand new floor design.

Retro Style Tiles Sticker
Retro Style Tiles Sticker
Source: Ten Stickers

3. It’s a botanical garden

Adding indoor plants into your home is a great way to improve its overall aesthetic. Plants bring character to a room; they brighten it up and has been proven to improve moods. There are so many types of plants to choose from that the options are unlimited. Give your home a clean, fresh, and botanical look by displaying your favourite plant. If you have trouble keeping plants alive, no worries, you can get always buy a fake one. You can barely tell the difference!

Stunning House plant display
Stunning House plant display
Source: Gardeningetc

4. Try No drill Hooks for bathroom and kitchens

Have something you want to hang on the wall, or want to organize your kitchen or bathroom to create more space? No drill hooks are the go-to for you. No drill hooks (or adhesive hook) can stick to any surface, so you can easily organise your bathroom and kitchen storage without drilling into walls. They come in different sizes and colours and are super easy to apply. They’re also great for hanging posters and pictures!

elf adhesive hook
Self adhesive hook
Source: Ikea

5. Give your sofa a quick affordable makeover

Quickly remove and change the look and colour of your sofa by slipping on a sofa cover over it. Sofa covers are very ideal for renters. You can get the sofa colour of your dreams and at the same time protect the landlord’s furniture. They are affordable and washable. Think of it as a t-shirt for your sofa, rather than taking time to choose a new sofa, use a cover to change the colour and pattern to your own taste whenever you want.

Affordably stylish sofa covers
Affordably stylish sofa covers
Source: Ali Express; Soso Store

Happy decorating!