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The New Dawn of Realtors, Appiliate

The times are changing. For realtors, it's the biggest one yet.

Kuala Lumpur – Bring forth a new era for estate agents, Appiliate has officially kick start their grand launching with an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing of the 50 finest agencies in Klang Valley.

 The signing ceremony was host on the 8th April 2021 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. The MoU was led by the CEO of Affirm Plus Properties, Hendry Lee and signed with numerous agencies.

mou sign1
Signing Ceremony of companies in batch of 5

The following realtors involved are: Affirm Plus Properties, Believe Realty, Big Plus Properties, Chester Properties, Chong Seng Property, CiD Realtors, D&Dream Property Group, Dreamvest Realty, Effort Property Group, FT Realtors, Full Homes Group, Gather Properties, Glow Estates, GPlex Realty, Hectarworld Realty, Knight World Realty, Luxton Realty, Milestone Realty, MPG Property Solution, OSE Realty, Pillarz Realty, Plextige Properties, Polygon Properties, Power Home Realty, Propedia Consultancy, Propleague Plus Realty, Reddoor Properties, SCITY Properties, Showcase Properties, The Roof Realty, Tron Realty, Vestcom Realty, Vivahomes Realty, VPG Property, WEREG Properties, and Wingfield Properties.

mou sign2
View of signed MoU Documents

The grand launch of Appiliate is a digital platform that integrates the tasks found in realtors, aiming to double the efficiency of workflow and reducing the workload one could find in an agency.

The website strives to build a gateway for agents with unlimited possibilities, making an entire industry search process smoother, more transparent, and seamless.

Appiliate holds a mass property listing that covers a majority of projects throughout, be it ongoing, completed or sub-sales property listing. The platform runs on a one-click auto-matching system based on a real-time tracking system.

Incorporated with even realtor professional tools, it allows agents a quick check on the payment update, co-broke in interested property, calculates stamp duty, or even view their commission status in just a click.

The platform is made for co-agency and partnership together where knowledge and resources are shared, enabling them to provide the best property to the customers.

Crafted to be one of Malaysia’s best property agencies platforms, Appiliate drives to connect the top property agencies throughout Malaysia – elevating everyone to a new frontier.

mou sign
(2nd person from the left): CEO of Affirm Plus Properties, Hendry Lee with DPI Media Team