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Arising Opportunities Post Covid-19

Amidst a world struck by the pandemic, the world is still moving and teeming with new opportunities. For all you ambitious entrepreneurs out there, here are some business ideas you can seize for yourself!

Home improvement: 140% growth in consumer interest 

One industry that has seen a major increase in growth is the home improvement sector. It seems most of you quarantined citizens have been very productive in improving your homes.

The blend of void supermarket walkways and springtime has driven numerous individuals to garden and raise animals, expanding self-maintainability.

The entire home and garden category have seen a 140% increase in page views in the last month. Consumers are specifically interested in gardening and plumbing, which has seen an 245% increase.

Plumbing is a totally new subject we have seen rise in the most recent month. As tissue deficiencies constrained some to utilize choices, handymen have been occupied with unclogging these latrines—however numerous purchasers are basically figuring out how to do as such all by themselves.

Gardening: A new opportunity to think about.

Anything outdoors is usually healthy especially in our post Covid-19 world. What could be better than an outdoor activity that is healthy yet brings in income at the same time? Such activity that is as described above is called gardening. Enjoyable, fruitful and healthy, that’s what gardening is.

One logical route to becoming a self-employed gardener would be to join a larger gardening firm and start of as a junior gardener. This method, will ensure you can start gardening with the outlay setting of gardening by experienced gardeners. Learn and apply is basically what needs to be applied in this route.

Tools Needed:

  • Tools – lawnmower, strimmer and hedge trimmer are essentials, as well as a spade, fork, shears, secateurs, loppers, lawnmower (best to have a battery-powered one), ladder, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, wheelbarrow, safety glasses, hosepipe, spray applicator. Aim to save cost on the tools
  • Van/pickup truck – for transporting tools and equipment
  • Licences – you need a licence to operate a chainsaw, use pesticides or carry waste
  • Website build and maintenance
  • Uniform
  • Bookkeeping software
  • Professional indemnity insurance
Grooming a Botanic Garden :

Fitness and Health: 2,000,000% growth in consumer interest

These days most of the health-related news cycle revolves around obesity in relation to coronavirus deaths, but also, educational content on how to not lose weight in lockdown. Searches for ‘weight loss’ and ‘how to get fit fast’ have steadily increased the more time we’ve spent in quarantine, and the more fitness and health apps we download.

Staying healthy sustainably, and while sedentary, is a challenge. But some companies are starting to figure it out. Blue Apron recently made a comeback as more and more people look to learn to cook healthy, and Peloton stock is up 4% in the last month.

We have seen a huge spike in searches related to weight loss since the global pandemic began. These quarantines are getting people more productive. It’s sort of something like a light in the dark.

Now stuck at home, we are now more aware of our fitness, which may build habits that stick around. With such a large number of solid food, wellness and exercise choices accessible, there is an open door here for entrance and opportunity in the market. Being quarantined and outdoor activities being restricted, we are now more aware of our fitness which could to building a good and productive habit.

Similar to streaming services aggregating to places like Roku and Apple TV, fitness and food aggregation will be next in line. Physical gyms might also thrive later, to meet the new demand.

Drop ship

Drop ship is sort of a new retail model that’s actually been around and applied quite awhile. It is ideally suited to someone setting up their own business for the first time. The best part of it is that you do not actually have to handle any stocks and it requires minimal costs. What it does require is that you act as an intermediary for a supplier or manufacturer.

The gist of it is, you set up a website selling products, often from multiple suppliers overseas, and you handle the orders. The sales orders are forwarded to your manufacturer or factory and they dispatch them dispatch from there.

Furthermore, customer satisfaction and marketing is handled by yourself. Basically you are also responsible for them. Drop ship’s popularity has increased rapidly in these past few years as way of gaining income, whether it is for teenagers making extra money or those who have retired.

However, drop ship does have a questionable reputation as many sites set up shop, take online orders and then do a runner with the cash.

Drop ship is best suited for fancy and designer items, which are manufactured cheaply in China and elsewhere. Some drop ship does specialize in higher quality specialized items though.

  • Print-on-demand tee-shirts, mugs, posters or hats
  • Designer items that perform well on Instagram or Pinterest
  • Gadgets
  • Pet items or TV and movie tie-ins (be mindful of copyright though)
  • Hard-to-find technical spare parts, replacements for older model white goods

Benefits of Dropship:

  • Low start-up costs
  • No need to purchase inventory
  • Easy to scale
Preparation procedures to Drop ship:

As time goes by, new opportunities along with new ideas will always come along. Then again, COVID-19 will always pose a challenge to humanity as it also heavily affects the business world.

I wish all you entrepreneurs the best of luck and hope to see you all doing your best in these tough times. Together we create, but together we also succeed.