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Lamborghinis Blazed Through Record Books in the Largest Supercar Meet

The largest gathering of Lamborghinis in an event broke through the Malaysia Book of Records.

Kuala Lumpur, 11 June 2022 — The roars of excited car enthusiasts and car engines were heard at KLCC as the Malaysian record for the largest number of Lamborghinis gathered in an event was broken. 

On Saturday, 112 Italian supercar aficionados made history with their sleek rides as they eclipsed the previous record of 77 Lamborghinis gathered at an event set in 2013. The previous record was a conjunction from both Singapore and Malaysia with Lamborghini’s 50th global anniversary celebrations.

Picture at the Largest Lamborginis Event
Photo of Malaysia Book of Records’ newest record of largest Lamborghinis gathered in Malaysia

People of notice at the event were Dato’ Roslan, President of Lamborghini Owners Malaysia; Dato’ Rakesh, Event Chairman; Dato Bernard Teo, Race Director; and Massimo Rustico, Italy Ambassador.

The new record was etched into the Malaysia Book of Records at 10.30am as Dato’ Roslan, with Massimo Rustico as passenger, initiated the historic moment by driving his Lamborghini Murcielago into the venue. 

Among the many Lamborghini models seen on that day, there were Murcielago, Juracan Spyder, Aventador SVJ, Urus SUV, and the Gallardo Malaysia Limited Edition; only 20 in existence.

Group Photo of Largest Lamborginis Event
Group photo of the largest number of Lamborghinis gathered in an event

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