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Mah Sing enhance customer experiences with new experience management platform

Mah Sing Group Berhad adopts a new customer experience management programme called Qualtrics CustomerXM to better improve their homebuyer's service experience

7th Feb 2020 – Mah Sing Group Bhd (Mah Sing) has taken a step to further enhance their home buyer’s service experience through adopting a new customer experience management programme; Qualtrics CustomerXM.

Mah Sing is the first among Malaysia’s property developers in deploying the programme. Chief Executive Datuk Ho Hon Sang said that the system would improve their understanding of home buyers immensely as it enables Mah Sing to capture real-time customer feedback, allowing quicker action to be taken from key decision-makers and frontline staff.

Mah Sing would be able to reach out to customers through email, SMS, and QR code as Qualtrics platform offers omnichannel survey distribution. It allows Mah Sing the ability to predict, deliver, measure, and responds to customer’s needs swiftly.

To ultimately offer an overall better customer experience, Mah Sing plans to collect experience data at every meaningful touchpoint of stakeholders, from the initial contact at Mah Sing’s sales gallery down to vacant possession session.

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