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Puchong’s One-Stop Medical & Wellness Centre, Medicap Clinic

Providing alternative methods and medical expertise all within a single building

MediCap Sdn Bhd (Medicap) has recently officiated its grand opening of its own clinic, a combination of clinic and wellness centre within a building at Taman Perindustrian Pusat Bandar Puchong, Selangor.

This initiative is Medicap’s resolve to provide a revolution to the modern medicine landscape in Malaysia. The opening ceremony was officiated by the member of the Dewan Rakyat and Parliament Representative of Puchong, Yeo Bee Yin.

The notable guests in attendance are the Special Functions Officer to the Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister, Mr Lim Kai Hau; Medicap Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lim Chin Hau; and the Medicap Management Team.

Photo of Medicap Clinic Grand Opening Ceremony
Medicap takes a commemorative photo with 4 times World Bodybuilder Champion, Mohd Syarul Azman Mahen Abdullah
From left to right: Mr Lim Kai Hau, Mr Lim Chin Hau, Mohd Syarul Azman Mahen Abdullah and Yeo Bee Yin

The event was also graced by the company’s ambassadors who are the country’s national athletes: four-time World Bodybuilder Champion, Mohd Syarul Azman Mahen Abdullah; Wushu Sportswoman, Tan Cheong Min; and Table Tennis Ace, Ho Ying.

In addition, Medicap had previously held a soft launch for its rejuvenate wellness centre and will soon add on aesthetics, dental care, and dialysis in the pipeline.

In the wellness centre, we use non-invasive, alternative methods, which can be considered preventive treatments. These include a range of tests that measure body composition, nutritional level and more.

Dr. Cheng Qing Nein, Business Development director

The new Medicap Clinic is the first step to providing patients a more holistic experience with their health along with the convenience of alternative treatment options within the same location. The wellness centre is situated on the second floor while the main floor is used for the full-fledged clinic.

Not every disease or problem can be cured by medicines. I would filter through the patients, find out the root cause of their ailments and if they can be treated without invasive, non-medical therapies, then will refer them to doctors in the wellness centre, which is within the same building. So, this functions as a one-stop health centre.

Dr. Kalaivanan Makanthran, General Practitioner

Furthermore, Medicap has in line its own skincare product called Milaya. This skincare range focuses on plant-based nutrients which are formulated through technologies and natural ingredients gathered from all over the world.

Today, Medicap stands with numerous wellness centres available through the region namely; Sibu, Sarikei, Bintulu, Kluang, Seri Manjung and its current new addition in Puchong, which serves by appointment only.

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