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One less great leader, Datuk Teo Chiang Quan

COVID-19 has yet once again robbed another prominent star among the property circle

The country has lost an iconic nation-builder, Datuk Teo Chiang Quan, after a strenuous 21 days battle with complications from a Covid-19 infection.

The Paramount Corp Berhad(Paramount) chairman and executive director has passed away at the crisp age of 72, on the 24th May at 6:38pm.

An astute businessman, Datuk Teo was known to play a huge part in shaping Paramount into the public-listed company it is known today since he assumed the chairmanship in 2015.

This was possible through his leadership and guidance to the management in the formulation of the group’s long-term strategic plans, particularly in the areas of land banking and communication with stakeholders.

Datuk Teo was also recognised as a pioneer in affordable private tertiary education in Malaysia. Under his leadership, Paramount set up Sri KDU school and later, through the acquisition of the REAL Education Group, built the largest K-12 education organisation in the country.

His Datukship was awarded in 2005 due to his long list of contributions to the progress and well-being of Malaysia’s society. In 2009, he was named as “FIABCI Malaysia Property Man of 2019” for the achievements he has bought to the property field.

A mentor to many, Datuk Teo will be duly missed as the pillar of support that he is and the possibilities of future betterment he could have contributed.

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